December 18th, 2004


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hehh. soggy pizza is the worst thing to try & eat at lunchtime.
our oven, hob, & fridge are all connected, & my dumbass brother, trying to free the oven, cut through the wire that connects them ALL.
so we're stuck with just microwave food for a while. ahhh shit.

i've been watching mallrats all day, it took me ages to get round to it because i was doing three things at once, but alas, i've watched my BIRTHDAY copy of mallrats.

hahah, jimsicle got me mallrats for christmas, he's so sweet. i'm taking back my copy though to hmv.
it's the thought that counts though, eh? =P
other stuff i got for christmas at the "crystamas" gathering?
i got two mangas; real bout high school from jimsicle for my birthday present.
i got love hina number one [anime] & jimmy eat world clarity from chris.
i got love hina number two [anime] & ah my goddess the movie from little james.
i got CHASING DOGMA!!!11! from wendy.
heheh, i got clerks & bluntman & chronic from rob but i gave my copies to wendy as a xmas present, so it seems more fair.
i got martian timeslip from rei-rei.
more stuff for my anime collection =D

i had a lovely time with my friends though, it was nice being with everyone how it used to be, despite being a bit dead or high from my medication. i was floating on some cloud i swear. then i drank wkd [which is as i speak, still in davids attic, oops] which i probably shouldn't have. ahhh welll, fun was had & david's mum made us a fantastic meal, of which i managed to eat a bit of. love you guys!

btw, i got the pictuuuures sorted out from my last post, they're all on there now.

my mum may be getting me chasing amy dvd for xmas AS WELL as some other stuff AND my stuff from the secret stash jay & silent bob store, she's such a sweetheart.
i feel like i've accomplished nothing today but ahhhh welll, we're going out tomorrow anyway.

what else? aunt bessies shindig was tonight, but we're skipping it, i don't feel up to it anyway, & scai-kun doesn't really feel like going.
more ToS time? hardcore.

i need to get to hmv to take back my copy. hmm.

christmas is in a week. it so doesn't feel like it. weird.

i've become obsessed with jay&silent bob. uhhh.
hmm =/

i want new iconage!
i wanna go to backstage icons but i already have two pending.
dammit. =(

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