December 17th, 2004


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i'm gonna get my hair done hopefully this weekend. i think i'm going for pink & blonde, which is a weird combination but i really like the idea, i didn't wanna JUST have it pink. we'll see how that works out.

mum is the ultimate coolest. she's buying me my presents off the jay & silent bob website shop, because she wants to get me something that i really want.
how i adore her <3
i think i'll be getting the J&SB comics, & clerks x special edition. uh huh.

tonight is the annual crystamas day gathering. o__O
jimsicle called me up last night while we were watching the extras on the jay & silent bob strikes back dvd & comfirmed today.
unfortunately, i have to sit around & wait for my mum to get back so we can't leave till she does.
i wanted to go to a comic store in london >__<

i have to give back luanne's dvd & cds to her, not only do i already have my own copies of them now, but i've watched/listened to them more than enough. so i'm hoping to get them back to her ASAP.

the weather is so shitty this morning.


me & scai-kun are quite far along in tales of symphonia, about 6-7 hours in now. coming along nicely =]

i've finally decided what i *may* want to do, [other than animal care], which is kind of getting into producing & writing my own comic books, movies, & acting. i would seriously LOVE to be able to do that. kind of a kevin smith type job.. you know.
ahahah. we have decided what we are gonna do with our free time, me & scai-kun are gonna make a mini-movie across britain.
so far it's name is "our quest to get back home [or to make a movie]" well that's the most part of it.. heh. we are lame.


& now i leave you with some pictures;

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