December 12th, 2004


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ahhh it's the aftermath of my birthday.
ie; the day after.

friday was amazing.
my friends all turned up, & because i'm so crap at planning anything we went to a pub. nevertheless, it was crowded, so we had to get out. wendy's as bad in crowded places as i am, heh. i think a lot of people are like that.
instead we went to the next pub, which had barely any tables, apart from one. but we managed to nab one. it wasn't as great as the last one though, the drinks were majorly expensive & there wasn't any pool tables. BWAAAAH. i didn't like it much, but there was nowhere else i could think of.
so everyone gave me my presents.
i got;
green day - american idiot from chris.
a brodie mallrats figure from rob. [yay, mallrats!]
dogma from rei-rei, along with a box of chocolate orange sweets. yum!
oh my goddess anime from little james.
love hina manga from david.
the cure greatest hits dvd from wendy.
dn angel manga from scai-kun, ANDDDDDD tony hawks underground 2.
a box of my favourite lindor [lindt] chocolates also from my mum.
punk'd dvd box set from ben & erin.
a box of italian chocolates from erin.

i love my friends & family!
ZE CRYSTA 4EvA!!!!11!11!
so lame. >___<

anyway, my actual birthday was saturday. being the nice person i was, i invited little james back to stay because he had nowhere else to go [buses to his house stopped at 10pm for some reason]. however, when my actual birthday came, i guess i had this amazing imagery in my head that me & scai-kun were gonna have the perfect morning together.. spend a lot of time with each other. i wanted to be with the one i love as well as my family on my birthday. hmm.
what happened wasn't as expected.
little james talked to scai-kun ALL morning & half the afternoon. i didn't get to talk or be with scai-kun like i wanted to. i guess it upset me a lot. because i kind of yelled at little james & called him stupid for wanting to climb an abandoned building.
it's just something they like doing, which i don't understand, but if they like doing it, then that's cool.
but i said it was stupid. scai-kun got angry, & i ended up crying at certain intervals throughout the afternoon.
i'm glad i had a heart to heart with ezza in the morning though.. i got a few things out about my dad. she practically went through the same thing.. so it was nice to have somebody who can relate to what you're going through.
little james got his bus.
me, scai-kun, ezza & mum went for our meal.
it was REALLY nice. we went to frankie & bennys, & although i was a bit sniffly, i managed to stuff myself full.
i enjoyed the meal.

afterward, we did a bit of looking around, then went shopping. i felt sick in the supermarket so we went home after we'd gone shopping.
i had a nap in scai-kun's arms, which was REALLY nice.
then we watched some tv, & me, scai-kun, mum & ezza had some cake. de-li-ci-ous. majorly.

my evening was really special. me & scai-kun snuggled up & then we played tales of symphonia together, which i didn't know you could do at first. SO MUCH FUN!

my mum just went out to look for a new oven with ben & ez. o__O
i'm out to meet jayson in a bit.
sorry this entry was a bit rushed.

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