December 1st, 2004


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my birthday is gonna take place on;

friday 10th december

so anyone wanting to come call me or let me know, i'm pretty much gonna call the people i think are available to come & let them know who don't have internet access.

i know this clashes with someone elses party, & some of you may not be able to make it or whatever, but i can't help that since i planned my birthday ages ago, & am booked up for a family/friends thing on the saturday which is my actual birthday, although i may be available in the evening..

who knows?

visiting wendy yesterday rocked.
i missed her.
we was meant to be going to liza's for dinner, but we sidetracked & visited wendy to see how she was.
she has every cd i have o__O
shame since i won't be able to borrow any from her.. heh.
after catching up on old stuff, we headed to kilburn park to this little overgrown court kind of area, where i got stung like a bazillion times but instead we decided to take the back route to scai-kun's mums through south kilburn.
ghetto kilburn reminds me of st mary cray o__O random.
but at the same time, it feels less scary. hah.

liza wasn't there so we ate her curry, then me & wendy had girltalk & she told me pretty much everything that had gone on with her.
afterward i realised time was getting on & i had to get back because my mum wanted me home by about 1am. eee.. yah.

this morning me, erin, & mum talked about australian life, which sounds less strained then english life [oh lucky!] so i'm kind of looking forward to settling down there one day.
i have to eat, my stomach is eating itself.
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