November 30th, 2004


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erin arrived in england yesterday, finally.
ben's long awaited.. wait had ended.
heh. we waited pretty much till 4pm for them to get home, but when they finally arrived we exchanged hugs & erin gave us little gifts she'd brought over from oz.
i was really happy with mine, she'd got me a boxing kangaroo, which was so cute! i'm gonna add that to my aussie teddy collection.
after an hour of settling in, me & scai-kun headed out to get me a bus pass; we decided to go out & eat nandos with erin, ben & mum, which was really nice.
i haven't actually ridden a bus with my brother in about four years, we've both changed so much.
so it was nice to talk & stuff, erin nearly fell asleep from travelling for so long. i wish i was able to fall asleep when travelling, lucky people...

nando's was really nice, i had lemon & herb chicken because the spicyness is affecting my stomach lately, & scai-kun covered his in hot sauce.


we went home pretty much afterwards, erin's freezing here, i'm not surprised, in australia it's 42 degrees. eeeee... poor ezza.

they've gone out with rachel now, & wendy wants to see us, so i'm contenplating ringing her to see how she is, & see if she's free, but i think shes working today which might suck.
either way, i'm dying to get out of the house.

my anxiety disorders got much much worse, my throat tightened so much last night, i started worrying about it, it made it really sore & red.
not only that but i've been having these nasty hallucinations lately, of people coming at me with knives o__O
it's all rather worrying.
i think i'm gonna make an appointment for the doctors tomorrow as i was too late waking up to call them this morning.
erin woke up at 2am, poor soul. she's really scared about starting work in the next couple of weeks, but i know she'll settle in fine.

i'm really hoping my anxiety calms down, it's stressing me out more than anything, & i guess the more i get stressed, the less i can calm it down. damn thing.
my medication doesn't work either.

ohhh wellll.

all's fair in love & war.

my entries fluxuate so much between long & short. paahhh. sorry for the lameness lately.
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