November 26th, 2004


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hear the irony;

i'm so sick of being sick.

aw, chris just texted me to ask what albums i wanted for my present.. he's such a darling. boy, do i miss those guys <3

i'm so bored i could cut my wrists off [ahem, hands], & i'm debating whether it would be wise to get a train feeling like i do.
i haven't been able to eat a thing today, there has been no food here at all, so it's been a rather sucky start to the evening too.. bleh.
i wish there was more entertainment here.
bexleyheath is such a boring area; i need to be able to get a tube from my front door, eh.

i was hoping to see rei-rei later tonight, so i'm still thinking that one over, whilst wondering if it were possible my boyfriend came to pick me up so we could both go; who knows?

sorry for the crappy entry today, i'm feeling all under the weather.. & crap, the weather's pretty sordid today.
why am i talking like this? i never do. hah.

i got so bored today i ended up tidying our room o__O
unlike me, isn't it?

my brothers ordering food online for erin when she comes, he could have just gone to the store but i think he's what we call, lazy.

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