November 20th, 2004


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bleh. my anxietys been majorly annoying me lately, so i went back to the doctors & got some medicine for it, & she told me to take it whenever i'm gonna have an attack. not that i'm certain of when that is, but okay.
my period's been slowly killing me lately too.

mum's been lonely lately, & i feel bad because there's nothing i can do about it.

today is;
meant to be going to london sooner or later to visit liza & then we'll maybe meet up with a few ppl. i hope so, i haven't seen anyone in ages.
[i just saw a guy outside who looks like davis. hmm. how odd]
scai-kun is hoping to be able to treat me tomorrow.. eeeee. i'm excited about that. he hasn't even let me on to what it is. all i know is that can "indulge".

my birthdays in three weeks. ahhhh. i kind of half have things planned, half not sure. but mum's given me the go ahead.

hmm. yesterday we went to the movie rental store, & the manager of the store [who knows us as the most interesting regulars there] was winding scai-kun up yesterday. he said we could have five bags of popcorn too, but scai-kun didn't believe him. heh. & he was playing with a thunderbirds cardboard model & graham told him we could take it.. o__O

02 charge 25p to recieve multimedia messages. wth? whoever heard of having to pay to recieve something.. ?? unless mum got it mixed up & he means to send one.

my cat's been acting really strange today.

i actually have nothing else to say.
i love you plz.

ps; blehh. i actually have no money this year to buy anything for anyone. i feel like scum.
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