November 14th, 2004


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i have found the ultimate gift for my birthday/christmas/whatever.


i'm gonna have to beg my mum to get it or something. *sigh* i'm a sucker for things like that.

i miss music lately. i want the following albums;

green day - american idiot
any jimmy eat world album [except the latest]
the new placebo album [the singles]
the latest flogging molly
any duran duran album.

uhhh.. i'm stumped.
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i'm so jealous of people with ipods.


we went to camden to meet up with chris & rei, but we didn't get to stay there long, because i was getting really hungry. chris managed to haggle two t-shirts as usual. i like how his musical taste is getting more diverse <3
i haven't heard mudvayne yet, but i will. ahem.

dodged back to liza's [ray's mum] to get food, she wasn't there so we helped ourselves to fish & rice with chilli & oyster sauce. it was especially yum. then we had to get to tower bridge to meet up with rob & wendy.

we ended up waiting in london bridge, it surprised me that little james & david didn't come, but whateverrrr. then rob & wendy met us at the station, & we walked to the pub where jimsicle was with a biggg plate of chips. you gotta love the guy. he ended up buying drinks for everyone all night, until rob bought us a round. & then chris & rei turned up, which was mega sweet. everyone asked me what i wanted for my birthday, awwww. aside from the fact that i REALLY want an ipod, it's never happening, & i think they have some ideas of what to get me now. they're really sweet. heheh. i don't even ask for them to buy me anything really. <3
me & wendy had an awesome girl talk all night, which made me feel so much better. i've never had a proper girl talk with anyone in ages, mainly because i don't get on with many girls. =/ but wendy has always been majorly decent.
she promised to find out if she could get a price of some neon pink hair extensions [to which she didn't have time to do, but it was sweet all the same]... she's gonna get eljay as soon as she gets a computer! hehhh.
after everyone getting rather tipsy & funky, [wendy was drunk & i think jimsicle was a bit tipsy] we all decided to go our seperate ways.. chris bought me & scai-kun chips at a kebab store <3 thankyouuuuuu kurisu.
we all said our goodbyes & gave each other hugs & then me & scai-kun started getting the last train home.

unfortunately i felt sick for some reason, [i think the alcohol was swimming in my stomach] so we got off & got a bus at lewisham instead.
hahah. of which we had a rather random conversation indeed. o__O
but i'm not gonna go into that just yet.

todays been another one of them "lazy" days. none of us have particularly done anything, & me & mum had a talk.
its the anniversary of my dad's death.. she went to the grave this morning & forgot the flowers =/ erk.

i really feel like having roast dinner for some weird unknown reason. straaaange. i haven't had it in months.

hannah's birthday is on the 8th december, but it's in west wickham & that's faaaar. plus,i don't think i could find anything "smart" to dress up in. hah.

i'm yawning constantly. being tired is a draggg.

edit; i may be having a birthday/christmas party at my house.
i want everyone who can make it to come, plz!
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