November 12th, 2004


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thank you russell for lending me will & grace!
you rock <3

yesss, so last night, russell came over to hang & chill & watch movies with me & scai-kun, & as it happened, he'd brought round a bunch of stuff with him, but instead we kind of watched jay & silent bob strike back <3
i am so in love with the jay & silent bob films, plz.
but anyway, we didn't really get a chance to watch anything much else, we sat watching will & grace & i said something really stupid heh.

we were talking about that 70s show & russell's like, "yeah, they're making a british version of that 70s show with english people in" & then i not thinking replied with "are they english?" wth. i'm so freakishly weird sometimes.
hahah. ohhhh welll. afterwards, we ended up walking russell home & then travelled halfway across town just to get some coke & indian food. o____O
then we sat down & watched chasing amy <3
bleh. cheesy romantic films are depressing, for no apparent reason.
so we ended up talking about how we needed to hang out more, because we don't do it much recently, & i think i'm to blame for that for being really spookily anti-social.
i got freaked out anyway, because my anxietys really been bothering me lately.

ahhhh, it's like this;
i wish i didn't have the stupid condition. it prevents me from working, because i can't handle being in a job without being sick, or having a panic attack, & that stops me from earning any money, which stops me being able to do such fun stuff & then it all comes down to not being able to travel because i find it hard since i'm feeling anxious most of the time & it costs money. blahblahblah, i hate you anxiety.
i hope it dies & gets cured or something. heh.
i'm guessing i still need to wait for this professional help... bleh. boring.

however, me & scai-kun sorted things out, it's all good <3

i thank you gwavie aka the wonderful jayson for keeping me entertained last night online. i never actually get to talk to that many ppl over msn, mainly because i hardly ever go on there, but uhh, it was nice chatting to youuuu.
i think we should definately try meeting up sometime!
[hope you had a good time with xan..]

hah. i got scai-kun really obsessed with will & grace, he actually feels like watching it. dundundun... [MIRACLE!] & for some reason at the moment, he's building a cardboard house. straaaange.

it's nearly my birthday so i feel a need to type a wishlist:
the things i wouldn't mind getting for meh birthday;
an iPod [hahhhh in your dreams lucy!]
a box set of that 70s show [i believe it doesnt even EXIST in england yet].
a box set of clerks, mallrats, chasing amy, jay & silent bob etc etc <3
a donnie darko poster.
a duran duran cd; a'la "notourious".
the cure greatest hits dvd <3<3<3
a bubble boy poster [hard to find, but possible]
martian timeslip by philip k dick [because reading is your frieeeend]
gig tickets to go & see THE MOTHERFUCKIN' CURE!<3 which isn't even gonna happen soon.
uhh, money?
i dunno. anything remotely exciting. since my interests fall under: jake gyllenhaal, the cure, that 70s show, will & grace, duran duran, jay & silent bob movies, ipods.... uhhh.. *fails to think of anything else*

i still owe my brother a present for his birthday. *sigh* it sucks being broke.

tomorrow i'm gonna make sure we do something, random, shitty, but fun.
oh yessss. <3
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