November 9th, 2004


because dan did this & now i'm stealing it....

Where on earth do you live:
Reason(s) behind your LJ username:
5 things you want to do/accomplish before you die:
What makes you happy:
What have you been listening to lately:
Do you enjoy reading my LJ:
If so, why:
Interesting fact about you:
Are you in love at the moment:
Favorite destination:
Favorite quote:
Will you post this in your LJ:

A movie:
A book:
A musical artist, song, or album:
Your fav. LJ user (not on my list already) and why:

do this & you'll make me shine like a million dollars. [really, don't ask]

i couldn't think of a better update.
there really is nothing much to say, we haven't done much. mainly because of the stinking sickness. DARN BRITISH WEATHER.
it has an abverse affect on me. if that's even the right word.
we have to go get paint, & we're lazy.

ps; squirrelsattack, xjerkxalertx & saltylarrykiss.. i was thinking, if i came over in the next couple of years [say next year or the following], would you be up for meeting up or something? i wanna come over, say halloween/new years. it'd be rad, & i don't mind travelling to see each of you guys, but it'd be a faberiffic idea if you want to.

this be providing i have the money, but of course.

love you all.
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