November 6th, 2004


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we had fireworks last night.
we'd gone to liza's [scai-kun's mum] to see them over willesden, but in the end, we stayed in the garden, & watched the ones reece & ppl had.
we'd made some weird-ass guy fawkes that we wanted to burn, but since there was no major fire to do it on, we tried burning him with a lighter.
that wasn't so successful as we thought it would be but we did it in the end.

speedy noodle dinner was as impressive as always. mmhmm. i just love it when we eat random crap takeout.
i got sick on the way home though, too much smoke in the air kind of gets to me.

mum's at some carpet shop with ben, looking for tvs [wtf?] & there's no food in the house, so we have to have whatevers there. bleh.
when i called her she told me she'd chose a widescreen tv, with a dvd player, video player, & digital tv built in, but we were gonna keep the digital tv we have anyway, & stuff. apparently the old dvd player is mine. but ben gets the old video player. that's okay though, we already have one.

i got my counselling letter through, but i have to fill out some survey questionare type thing, so i'm leaving it up to mum to look at when she gets back. i think it's crap, i asked for general help, & all they're doing is sending me to a short term counseller. talking's all good, but i don't think it will help in the long term. b l e h.

the weathers looking amazingly dull as always.
i have stomach cramp & am gonna go & do something thrilling. pffft.
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