November 5th, 2004


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i still kind of can't believe it when i hear about the election, but i've been trying to put that out of my mind.
mum knows how fired up i've been over it all the same.

firework night tonight. i think me & scai-kun are doing the usual shiznit & going to willesden fireworks, if they're on. we're going to be meeting my mum first for lunch to cheer her up & congratulate her on surviving a week of work at the most boring job in the world. hehh.
she signed on for a trial run at her same company but in our town, & she absolutely hates it. i can understand why though.

pah. i quit my job yesterday, handed in my resignation. i know you're all gonna be like "wth? she had a great job!" but it was too hard for me in the meantime, & i'm gonna be finding a quieter easier job to cope with when i'm feeling better.
i haven't even got my counselling letter yet.
god, when you're on the computer, even five minutes goes so fast.

jobs i've always wanted to do;
video rental store.
but my most most wanted job is:
to work in an independent record company.
ahhh hellll, that'd be so great.
doubtful it'd ever happen, you kind of have to know someone to be able to do that.
or i could just open my own.

i'm thinking of writing my own book though, me & scai-kun are gonna co-write one together, & i wanna do a rewrite of donnie darko [for fun, don't worry], & then i'm gonna think about writing one of my own that is original. bleh.
i've had so many ideas of what i want to do flashing through my head the past week or so. i would love to act, or be an actress, but granted that's really hard to get into, & besides i need money first to get into a drama school or something. i'd love to go back to college & be smart, but there's alot of effort in doing that, & i hated college the first time round.
i think i should go away for a year or something. maybe see what happens & then decide what i wanna do. it made ben want to be a travel steward. weird.
i'm r a m b l i n g.

either way, i didn't want this entry to be about nothing, & i didn't wanna rant on it, so i'm sorry for boring you out of your skulls.

i don't understand the weather, i want it to be warm.

i want an ipod. it'd be so much easier than buying cds & trying to carry them around with me. i love my music [most of the time; sometimes i can't bear to listen to any.]
scai-kun apparently already knows what he's getting me for christmas, & they only clue he's given me is that i'll be able to use it alot & it's BIG.
i can't think of anything of that description.

my birthday's coming up soon. a month & six dayssss.

dan, we've made a decision, we're going to go on a journey to visit you.
ie. get there by bus [& not a coach either]. hahah. that'll be interesting. maybe sometime in january yeah?

i was meant to get ready five minutes ago.
my speakers stopped working. i hate my computer.
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