November 1st, 2004


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to sum up halloween.

last night happened after all. it took me & scai-kun five hours to get motivated & get ready but we got to chris' house around 9pm. were greeted by a rather gothic chris & a rather gothic rob. david was going as an irish man, but then pulled his hood up & said he was donnie darko instead. i was, uhh, frank, & scai-kun was a rather silvery death. jake was himself but he had a funny hat on. heh. little james was the crow, or er, something. wendy was a goth. she & chris looked amazing.
we all left the house practically straight away.. we ended up trick or treating because jake was game & nobody else was, so everyone just followed him.
so despite our age, we did actually get some chocolate.

trick or treating lasted all of five minutes, so we went to a graveyard.
eh. it's tradition.
i got fucking messy walking over the fields, & nearly falling down several muddy holes. luckily, chris did too, so i wasn't the only one. damn longggg baggy trousers.
i decided i couldn't see anything wearing my mask, & neither could scai-kun so i just left mine on my head like a hat.
five minutes later after walking some fucked up route to monument hill, we sat on the monument.
david was sitting thinking how boring this night was gonna turn out.. hahah, how wrong was he.

we somehow stupidly decided to see how far to the vicars house we could go & then our plan was to come right back.
nobody's allowed near the vicars house, because it's trespassing & if we were caught we could be put in jail or fined. or something.
ehh. i wasn't much up for it but scai-kun insisted i come & dragged me anyway. so we ended up walking towards the church, which was okay, until we walked towards the vicars house, someone screamed "car!" & me not knowing what the hell to do nearly tripped over a thousand & one tree roots. luckily, i followed wendy & scai-kun into some bushes.
i think it's a curse for me & wendy, whenever we're with the others, something fucked up always happens.
the car left, so scai-kun darted across the road, & i tried following him, if not trying not to fall over a gravestone whilst i did so. wendy soon followed after me, & then little james appeared from nowhere. luckily the others kind of had an idea of where we were going & appeared soon after.
i was so shit scared, i don't want a fucking police record.
as we darted through grave after grave & around tree after tree somehow we got split up from jake, chris & david & rob, so me, scai-kun & wendy & james did the best we could to go towards the entrance so somehow we could meet them there.
we bumped into rob whilst walking down a road.
then chris was right up ahead but jake & david; no sign of them.

our aim was the entrance, so no matter what we'd have to get there anyway,
but luckily going towards that way we found david & jake.
david *thought* he was badly injured by tripping over a tree root whilst escaping from who he thought was the guard but was actually chris, so i grabbed hold of him & let him hold on to me whilst he walked.
we got outside & under some light, checked out davids knee, but luckily it was just bruised & the seeping blood [he thought he'd felt] must have just been wet ground.

crazy times.
went back to chris'.
got our stuff.
went home.
i fell asleep on scai-kun's lap, because i was mainly exhausted from all of that.

i have to go & see if my bubble boy dvd is there today.
i'm not getting my electron card through for another 7 days which sucks, i was hoping it would come today.

mum had a day off but they've gone to bromley.
so i'm stuck here, boreddd.
if you've even read this far, i'm amazed.

my birthday is in one month & ten days.
i've decided i'm gonna get my extensions in soon. but my hair will only come down just past my shoulders, & it's gonna be bright neon pink.
oh yeahh.
i can't wait to see what it's gonna look like.

i'm quitting work, & i'm gonna take on a college course when i feel better. i hope i get benefits, i really need them....

i wish i'd taken pictures of last night.
okay, um, have a fun day.

it's a bit battered but.. this is frank [donnie darko] my mask from last night.
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