October 28th, 2004


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i haven't updated in a couple of days. hmm.

went to the doctors finally, & with the help of the self-test i'd printed out from the internet, it only took me five minutes to convince the doctor i needed some counselling. she offered me medication but i didn't take it, because last time it made me more skitzophrenic than i already am. pahh.
proceeded to give me time off work, which i'll probably end up quitting because workings becoming too hard to do lately with this condition.
i'll probably end up going to college or something simple when i'm feeling a bit better, & get a qualification that way.

it's never too late to go back to college.

we rented two jake gyllenhaal movies yesterday, ended up being bubble boy [which i saw already but i love it] & october sky, which was cuute.
i'm definately gonna get round to buying bubble boy. ohhh yeah.

texted russell late last night after i fell asleep on the sofa. hehhh, i have a tendency to do that.
he wants to meet up to go to forbidden planet today, so maybe i'll do that. if i hear from him soon.
fingers crossed.

uhh, look new iconage.
i love donnie.

the world is not my oyster.

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