October 25th, 2004


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uhh.. work was really hard today;

i was on the pick & mix room & that wasn't really what was hard, because it was dead easy plus there were no customers, but i had to keep getting up every few minutes to do other things, like cover the drop box, & sweep the floors. the thing that really takes it out of you is sweeping the floors.. it's so exhausting standing & walking around for hours on end without a break. ahhhh..... the stress.

so as a result a] i came home early today, & b] i've been too tired to go out at night, & have decided to c] switch my job to part time there so i can either go into an animal care course which'd be much easier or go into a modern apprenticeship sometime soon. i hope.

i'm feeling so d e a d right now.

i'm gonna go snuggle with the wonderboyfriend on the sofa of doom in a moment.
i'm pondering whether to go in tomorrow since i'm half dead. would any of you if it was making you feel really tired?

ahhhhhhhhhh i dunno.

i had to pay £1 for a book from a charity store today just so i could break into a five pound note to get a bus home, which cost me another pound on top. oh fucking glory.

i'm too tired to think.

anyone know any information about modern apprenticeships in animal care & what i have to do?

the donnie darko soundtrack is teh sex.
yesss, you heard that right.
it's so.. hmm, relaxing.

mmm, burger.
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