October 22nd, 2004


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time is up, donnie.

does anyone believe in the ice age out there? like, anyone at all?
after watching the day after tomorrow i've found it really interesting. hehh. i'm weird.
call me strange, but i'm really intrigued to know what's making people so believe that we're not gonna get one some time in the next hundred years.
[/ice age crap]

i start work in 5 hours. i'm nervous. i'll probably screw up or something.
pahh. i should be having a positive attitude on this i suppose.

bumped into leon on the way home from town the other day. we managed to get a five minute conversation in while the bus went round the corner to my bus stop. i miss hanging with juliet & leon & amy. they were memorable times.. i must admit.

i'm obsessed with donnie darko.

i have an interview with london zoo for weekend work. too late. although i would get paid a hell of a lot.
I DUNNNOOO. to change the interview or to not change the interview?
i don't really know if i feel up to working EVERY day. it's not my style. i wouldn't get any free time.

the day after tomorrow is an amazing movie.
i'm telling you this, & believe me, i normally hate action movies. i suppose the eye candy helped though.

i want to get my hair dyed. i just need to get hair dye.
& i want to pick up donnie darko special edition on the way home from work.
thank god for asda.

this entry is really a load of c r a p.

my brothers birthday was the other day, & he went to pizza express. i'm gonna have to get him a present, when my freaking card decides to arrive.
how ironic that the day it was his birthday, his card gets swallowed, & then just when i'm about to draw out money to get him a present, MY card gets swallowed.. i hate banks.

i've rambled.
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