October 20th, 2004


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uh. i feel nervous about starting my new job. i don't know when i do yet, but it's all gonna be new to me, & i've never had to take in a lot of things to do before.
the only thing that bothers me is that i forgot to book off halloween. CRAP.
not only that, i kind of have to work weekends, which bugs me but what can you do.
b l e h.

i may get a new phone today, another pay monthly, but i don't know whether i should yet. there's some good deals on for cheaaper. but then i'd have to hold down a job for a whole year. not so fun.

i've been feeling really sick lately. i dunno if it's my nerves or an illness but i felt so crappy last night, i even found it tough to lie down.
my mum took me & scai-kun out to dinner last night though. i found it really hard to eat my food, but i was paying for it so it didn't matter.

i gotta plan my next few weeks around my rota now. pahh.
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