October 17th, 2004


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it must be bad for you to eat crisps the moment you wake up but it's the only thing in the house aside from cereal & i hate cereal.
maybe that's why i'm always so ill lately? i don't eat the right stuff. bleh. i should start eating properly for a change.

my anxiety seems to be getting better since i left tesco.
perhaps it's not so bad that i quit.

last night involved:

meeting rob, wendy, david, jimsicle, & little james at david&rob's house.
the guys were amazingly not playing street fighter for once *dundundunnnn* but then i found out wendy had requested them not to, [it was her birthday..]
i looked at wendy's presents & such good presents they were! she has goood taste.
then someone put the pokemon theme on, & scai-kun stuck a digimon on the end of a cane & held it out the window to the theme, whilst jimsicle filmed it.
hahahah, my friends can be so mature. oh yes.
jimsicle took some spiffy pictures on his digicam.
he'll probably put them either on his livejournal or his site.
i looked really dodgy in one or two of them. ughhhh, not a good thing.

rei came & then we were ready to leave; even though we were meant to be surpising wendy, she'd already picked up on the hints of what we were doing. we were gonna be going bowling in finchley so we decided to pick up charlene in golders green.
for a start little james got left behind, so david got off at the next stop to get the bus with him.
then me, jimsicle & scai-kun got off at golders green & caught the 460.
we'd decided to meet rob, wendy & charlene at the bowling alley.

there we met chris also who forgot his camera, went back for it & then never used it the whole time me & scai-kun were there. heheh. ohhhh welllll =P
sat in mcdonalds which resulted in the building of a mcdonalds monster & a foodfight which splattered people behind us. hmm.
me & scai-kun were starving so we decided [once we'd been on the arcades at the bowling alley & tried to get a fiver out of a 10p machine] to leave.
we wished wendy happy birthday & we said bye to chris, since we hadn't seen him for very long. [thanks for the pepsi btw, i'll pay you back!]
we walked into finchley & got the tube.
hahah. we found a glamour magazine on london bridge station, when what we really wanted was FOOD.
in the end, we just waited until we got home, where we ate a load of stuff. my appetites weird, lately its been up & down. i feel hungry but then ten minutes later i'm not. pahh.

i had a coughing fit when i got home, which resulted in me nearly throwing up, so scai-kun said that there's no way i'm going out today. the result of me going out yesterday was making me more ill..

horrah for mum who brings me books!
& funny books too, i love terry pratchett & tom holt <3
i love my mum. she's so not like other mums.

it looks like it's gonna rain. flamingoes.
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