October 16th, 2004


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i have the worst throat infection in history coming back to haunt me. grrreat.

this t-shirt i'm wearing smells really nice. i stole borrowed it from scai-kun. mmmhmmm.

we're meant to be meeting up with everyone for wendy's birthday tonight. my throat is playing up so much though, & my hand hurts too.
i'll see how i feel in a couple of hours...

i'm aiming to get two cds that i really want as soon as possible. kazaa now sucks, therefore i'll have to buy them when i can affordeth them.
they would be:

rancid - indestructible
trouble every day - [i have yet no idea of the title]

i can't yet get trouble every days because i do not have a debit card, or a paypal account. it suuucks. i hate being stuck with nationwide, their bank services are so crappy. unless you earn £23242353534 a year of course. pahhh.

went to central london, met rob outside forbidden planet, & then jimsicle & david turned up together. jimsicle gave me the greatest hug everrrr but nearly broke my ribs in the process, hahhh. i was trying to avoid my wrist going anywhere near anyone, because it was hurting a fair amount yesterday.
we ended up popping into subway where jimsicle bought a subway & we all drooled over it. we're so broke, all of us.
met a girl called rosie who seemed to know her stuff. she was really nice, so i felt a bit comfortable around her. y'know what my history with girls is like? heheh.
headed to forbidden planet after some time, & i couldn't look at anything because my wrist was hurting so i just browsed the bookstands.
after a couple of minutes rob decided to leave, so i followed him & scai-kun also came with.
we somehow ended up in this movie poster shop, & there were these massive posters for £5 but nothing really worth getting, i'd say.
in the end we went to hmv, & bumped into david somehow. he always has this way of finding people no matter what he does.
he told us jimsicle had gone off to kensington or somewhere.. so we queued up for some items that those guys were getting.
whilst we were queuing this guy was leaving the queue & tripped over a whole stack of games, it was quite funny because everyone just turned around & looked at him.

after being at hmv for so long, we headed up towards mcdonalds, rob got a burger & that's when we all departed from each other.
me & scai-kun headed to liza's flat [his mum] because we were meant to help venus do something but in the end his aunt was at work so it didn't matter anyway.
so we stayed there & got some speedy noodles which are the most fantastic meal EVERRRR.
oh yesssss.
i could only eat so much of it, so i nabbed a few chocolates & decided to eat it when we got back home.

getting back home wasn't too much of a mission, we managed to catch the last train home, as for some reason the tube was being weird & stopped in the station for like five minutes.

oh, forgot to mention, we are laminating our WHOLE bedroom floor. me & scai-kun decided on this last night when we were at liza's as there was some spare laminate flooring there.
so far we have covered about a less than a quarter.
we're gonna start it maybe tomorrow or monday, & then surprise mum when she gets home. bwahahah.

i ate my noodles when i got home, which i'm sure is the most overly exciting thing i'm ever wrote.

i was feeling really sleepy though, so whilst scai-kun measured the room, i laid down for a bit, & once that was done, i said he should watch a jackie chan movie & i fell asleep. with difficulty. except when i woke up after he'd finished half the film i couldn't sleep because i kept coughing.
bwaah. i hate illnesses.

i managed to somehow sleep last night though, although i woke up with some a cheese grated throat it's unbelievable.

i don't quite know why i've written this much, it proves how much i get carried away really.

i'm not gonna be bowling tonight either way, because i hate bowling, especially the crappy shoes.
so if we go, i'm just gonna watch & point & laugh [not really..]
i'm sure it'll be okay.

i wonder if little james is going.
he most likely is invited but then it's plain up to wendy.

i have decided to do on the job training at an animal centre instead.
but i don't have to wait long, i go to an interview thing where i can enquire such stuff on the 17th november.
however, in the mean time, i should probably look for a job. or should i? i don't know if it's worth getting a job then leaving it. mehhh.

& now for the ten billion dollar question:

why do people screen comments anyway?

for some reason, that was in my head.
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