October 15th, 2004


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i seriously thought i'd broke my wrist the other night, so yesterday scai-kun & me finally went to the hospital to get it checked out. luckily, i managed to get my tesco stuff that i needed to hand in, handed it in & met mum at mcdonalds.
i didn't wanna go to queen marys but it seemed so empty, we were only there for about ten minutes.. [how unusual]. they checked it over & told me it was more likely to be a tissue breakage, & told me to take ibruprofen. if it didn't clear up i was to go & get an x-ray in a week.
it still hurts, & i've already been taking nurofen. mehhhh.
i've forgotten what happened for most of the night. how bad is my memory.
i'm so ill, i have like four different things wrong with me. i think my throat infection has decided to make a reappearance. blehhh.

gotta go & meet jimsicle & david later at forbidden planet around 4pmish. i doubt i'll be buying anything unless i see anything amazing. i have a tendency to get carried away, but i'm gonna not get any money out on purpose.

my dogs stuff came back today, so i'm gonna look at that when i've downloaded this here rancid album. i really want the latest album.

i haven't listened to alkaline trio or anything else for that matter for ages. it feels nice actually to be listening to something different for a change.

hahahah. i had a dream where anita came up to me & said the most random crap. "you don't have to resign, i'm resigning, there's a job up the road"
i was like, wth? i was working on tandoms too, with a broken wrist, & i was taking ages to do anything, & this guy was standing in front of me talking about something, & scai-kun was trying to be weird. that just sticks in my mind. maybe its because we watched night of the living dead last night. interesting movie.. i thought it was a bit short.

i really had a lot in my mind to say, but i've forgotten it all. how typical.

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