October 13th, 2004


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waking up in a mood is never fun.
because then you just end up doing/saying things that put others in a bad mood. then when you feel bad about it & apologise, it's too late.
i hate mornings.

i got a reply from waterstones. they said they really liked my experience & skills but they have no vacancies. mmmmhmmm. i'll just have to wait around & see what else comes my way. funfunfun.

i met up with scai-kun last night after he'd finished college & we went back to his mum's. there she fed us, & then just before we left, scai-kun asked why she had a book the same as his in her bookcase, & since she'd got it for him & he'd already got it, i was given it instead! horrah for terry pratchett.

b o r e d.

tescos never did call me in the end, hah. good riddance i say. although sometime this week, i'm gonna have to return their uniform, otherwise they'll charge me, like a lot.

i'm finally getting into monkey. i never realised i'd like it until i finally managed to stay up & watch it. the dubbing is just so funny.

Pigsy: 'Say something really insulting.'
Monkey: 'Okay... Pig!'

monkey - 'Alright! Let battle commence! Wine and... bananas! Bring on the dancing girls!'

'They'll be sorry. They'll be sorry if I die - except that I can't. Whatever you do it ends up raining. What's it all for? What's the point of it all? And if it hasn't got a point, what's the point of that?'

i miss everyone. we'll be going out with mister. jimsicle & david this friday to forbidden planet to stock up on our manga collection. if i decide to buy anything. i have to save those pennies. how crap.

i may not be moving to north london after all. i REALLY want to, but i may as well try & earn alot of money before i decide such a thing. it would actually be quite hard trying to tackle a load of bills, when me & scai-kun could just stay here for a while without much difficulty. as long as i'm going to college or work though.

college is going to be so interesting. there's a college in mottingham which is JUST for animal care. it's the most amazing place ever. it even has a farm. not that i'm interested in farms but. yeah.
if i decide to go i can either get paid to go, or i can get a part time job & go on a freeee course. my options are open.
i'm looking into that part time job first.

i'm drinking too much coke. i need to slap myself every time i go to drink one. or get someone to do it for me.

the toilet paper here is scented. it's very weird but nice all at the same time.

this entry & the last few have been really crap, i'm sorry.
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horrah for new iconage from pleaides & defeated.

i love zem both, thankyou, thankyou.

i'm officially in love with renting movies. i swear we've rented about 50 by now since i joined. we rent like five every week, & literally get more the moment we take them back.

today was cold. but the rain was good, because it woke scai-kun up.
when i woke up, we had a bit of a *bad* mood. scai-kun was tired & kept snapping at me for apparently asking too many questions. i just wanted to know if he was getting up some point today [he only went to bed at 10am], because if he didn't he wouldn't sleep LATER.
but i kind of pissed him off. alot.
luckily the crappy english weather was on my side; when we went out for a walk it was nice because it made scai-kun think about stuff. then we made up. make up sex is also good. [ash, i agree].
we ended up trying to go to a new movie store today, but we found it sucked since it overcharged for it's dvds.

my wrist is really hurting me. i don't know why but it hurt this morning when i woke up, & now it hurts even more. i thought it was just sleeping aches but it's definately not. maybe i hit my hand or something? if it doesn't clear up by tomorrow, i have to go to the hospital. ohhh joy.

i just had a mini-conversation on msn with jimsicle; oh how i used to love msn & now i barely use it [i'm poor like that], & he told me this friday he's spending £130 on various items. i'm shocked, this is very.. unlike him.
i wish i had buckets of cash toooo.
ahhhh hellll it'll be fun. i may even buy something. just a little something. or maybe a big something. hahhh. i'm so lame.
no really, i'll be careful with money. *ahem*

gotta contact david tomorrow. for he shall be going to forbidden planet toooooo. me & scai-kun may even *ahem* visit somewhere private to look at certain exciting & exotic items. [nothing like that, you all have dirty minds]
no really.

i love my iconnnnns.
they're superduper fabulous.

i may just end this here.
yessum, before i get carried away writing about stuff.

i love you scai-kun.