October 12th, 2004


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i'm ever so tired.
i woke up at 10am this morning after finally getting to sleep at 6am, & then i couldn't for the life of me get back to sleep.
ahhhh hellll, the imsomnia's kicking back in.

i decided to not go back to work. ever.
mainly because they pissed me off so much that i don't think i should have to work their shitty notice.
luckily for me, i get to leave by the end of this week, & not have any reason to go back. go meeee.
they even accidently paid me an extra sum of money for the day i was off, because they're machine was messed up & since i apparently didn't clock properly, they paid me for it. so if they ask for that money, i have to give it back, no questions answered. b l e h.

the weathers looking nice & extremely dull today. i'm aware of the fact i'm freezing, getting a sore throat, & i'm in dire need of a shower.
i wish i could have a bath, that'd be so much nicer.

oh yes;
when we took the dvds back to the store yesterday [& btw, dogma rocked, yess i've never seen it before, because i'm slow like that] i ended up having a longish conversation with kev about life, work, the universe & everything. we talked about how i should have definately done something about the way they were treating me at work, but it's too late now. then we had a laugh over the text russell sent him in the morning. russell, you monkey.
kev is cool. he's moved on to working at dockers now, which is a sheer shame, but i'll go & visit him one day.
he also told me prime time will keep my cv on profile. goodgoodgood. i hope to hear from them ONE DAY.
& blockbusters have jobs, but i need to get my ass down there & apply. well, hand in a cv. but i don't know if i wanna work there.

i've been applying for animal care & kennel jobs lately. i'm really wanting something like that. there's a job going at walton-on-thames but it's half an hour train ride from waterloo & i don't know if there'd let me work there if i don't have a car. but we can always try.

i've rambled about the most boring stuff ever.

i still havent played my guitar. but i've been listening to rancid, so that's okay. it makes me miss buying cds for the hell of it. those were the days.

i rant too much. i must stop that.
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