October 8th, 2004


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i can't believe it.
sometimes, i just don't use my brain. sometimes, i can't believe i even have one. i've spent the past three months stressing that i can't quit my job because i have a contract phone to pay for, when i could cancel it at any time because i've been on it for over a year. what confused me was that i got a new phone, NOT a new number. shit.
so i'm gonna be writing out a letter of resignation later.

wtf do you write in one anyway? answers... here... now.

i had a nice argument with my mum for about an hour yesterday about it. which. was. insane. especially since it was me telling her the reason's i can't quit were because of my fucking phone.

ahhhh welll. at least i'll be soon up & out of there. *breathes*

i've tried to apply for a lot of jobs lately, but everyone's telling me to wait at least two weeks for a reply. bah, i hate waiting. there's gotta be something better out there, then sitting around waiting at tesco. that's why it's better i quit. it's making me miserable. you know it.

there are lots of funerals around lately =/ that's the second time funeral cars passed my house. weird.

scai-kun's gonna come & wait for me tonight at work, because he's HARDCORE. or, uhh, something. he's gonna explore neighbouring buildings as something to do.

might be going to jimsicle's tomorrow, or sunday.

me & scai-kun rented a lot of movies, so i'm hoping we'll have time to watch them. go team.

i seriously never have anything of any importance to write anymore, i just ramble a load of crap. bah.

just married is a cool movie. chick-flicks are fun.
i'll always love ashton kutcher movies. heheh. but i wanna see the directors cut of donnie darko, because that would make my day, no, wait, YEAR.

ben's girlfriend erin is over in november from australia. she sounds really cool.

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i FINALLY ended up quitting my job tonight.
i dunno whether to be happy or sad about it. my mum's really angry at me for doing it because she's worried i won't get anything else soon. i don't see why she's so bothered, i'm cancelling my contract phone & as soon as i get enough money, i'll give her some. it's not like i gave her any anyway. i think she's just upset that she can't quit her job.

b l e h.

wth is the point in arguing anyway? what are we actually in disagreeance over?

i dunno if it was a good or bad idea, but it'll help me feel better in the long run. at least i won't get bullshitted & fucked around by them now. I'M FREE!

tonight they gave me jip because i couldn't concentrate, [it's not my fault they're so understaffed there was like 5 people to each fucking till] & so she sent me out to do other stuff. luckily scai-kun got to wander with me whilst i did it, until she came & lurked behind me & then gave me hell for not doing my job even though i was. [i was doing FOUR people's jobs].
she then didn't even give me a break. stupid managers.
& then i had to sit on reception until AFTER ten.

i don't even need them. what did they ever do for me?

mehmehmeh. sorry about all the ranting. i've had enough.

tomorrow me & scai-kun are going to pop into davids & then go on to auntie mel's birthday shindig/dinner thing. good fun.

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