October 6th, 2004


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i can never be bothered to update anymore, & when i do, the entry's are boring & lame.

i've spent too long trying to get out of my job. i can either get fired or quit. whichever one suits me, i don't care, i just want out the best way. scai-kun reckons if i got fired at least i'd get on the dole quicker [more money faster..] but mum said that it wouldn't be good when i'm trying to get another job because it'd leave a big black hole.
oh, i just hate my silly pathetic job & the managers that treat me like shit.

& what's a tribrunal anyway? kev texted me telling me i should get one, but i have no idea of these things. anyone?

i'm boredddddddd.

i'm trying to volunteer at a animal rescue center or vet clinic in order to a] get voluntary experience & b] get animal care experience which might up my chance of getting an animal care assistant job. that'd be nice.
but no such luck yet. gotta post an application form which i can't print because the printer has no ink.

what a joke.

i'm in some weird mood.

oh, final fantasy nine has to be the best FF i've played. even though everyone raves about ff7. i just don't see it. i prefer number nine. maybe because it's more... me.

well, this was another useless entry.
i need to practice my guitar more. sometime. maybe later.

oh, oh, oh, me & scai-kun finally went on our date to the rainforest cafe.
it was NICE. not only was the elephant behind me very into scai-kun's into quantum physics or something like that, we got to share a nice nice meal, & then he took me to troc where i purchased a monkey with our free tickets. kabloomrah. i'm in love.

i haven't been listening to music lately. maybe i over-listened to all my cds. or just music in general.

i'll write again when i have something more appealing to say.

edit~ tesco just called me for overtime. why don't they just fuck off & take a hint. they know i can't do it. I TOLD THEM I COULDN'T. *sigh*

i'm jealous of hemma.
i want a mvc/hmv type job.

i also want baby rabbits.
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