September 27th, 2004


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i have period pain like hell & it's not pretty. unfortunately, i've had to put up with it for the past two days.
they've been.... weird.

i didn't go to work after all on friday night. on the way back, i realised i should probably pick up period pads from asda, & i didn't realise a late night excursion would end in complete hell.
we managed to get in & get them okay.. but on the way out i noticed this girl from my old old primary school who i absolutely hated standing in the queue. the only reason she'd hated me first was because i had made friends with her friend sara when i joined & she resented that. i don't know how she can hold a grudge that long - [people like that are weird]. anyway, she told her friend to yell very abusive things out to me, in which it involved my mum, so i told them to "fuck off, & to get a life you silly tarts". however, standing by the door were two townie boys [who i think were waiting for them] & they started joining in. as soon as i told them to fuck off, they started walking down the alleyway behind us threatening me with a knife & that they'd "fuck me up". scai-kun turned to intervene but they punched him. bastards.
when he went to grab them to stop them, they both backed up into asda. i was pissed off extremely & shaking at this point. townies suck.
here's the thing - the security guard paid no attention apart from to look out the door & then go back inside.
to be honest, i wouldn't have taken it further if i knew how far it was gonna go. we went to asda on saturday to talk about the security guard but the guy said that the incident was serious so he'd look on cctv but we should go to the police about it anyway.. so we did.
she asked us both to leave our statements. after that she said they'd get in touch. they've phoned me since to ask if i was sure i wanted to take it further, because they've got it on cctv & it's important to them to know if i was to take it further since they're gonna ask around to get information on these guys. i don't know them from adam.
but yeah. i'm a bit worried, i've never been to court before. except for work experience.

yesterday was nice though. we went to celebrate our anniversary in the rainforest cafe but we'd eaten a curry which filled us both up, we weren't so hungry when we got there, so instead we went to the troc. thanks to our 'so-called bad luck' we managed to somehow get more tickets than anything because the machines kept fucking up on us. so we kept having to call the guy over to sort it out & every time he gave us the high score amount of tickets. i wanted 600 tickets for a dog teddy but we didn't have enough yet, so we're going back another time.
we ended up having a nice walk by the river in the end.
i freak out over pointless things.

we had a nice discussion before sleeping yesterday. i talked about how much i'd wanted him to be at reading festival & then we realised that if i'd stayed in his tent, it might have resulted in us getting together. bleh. who knows. we're happy.
just reminiscent...

it's our actual anniversary today. we're gonna go have a drink in a bar *gasp* yup. you heard it.
i may have an alcoholic drink, since one isn't really gonna hurt me.

scai-kun is playing zelda - majora's mask. there's a rather interesting dog on it.
i like the music.

mmmmhmmm. i hate periods. >:(

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by the way if you're into travelling stuff, add wandering_skull. it's a joint eljay me & scai-kun may be using.

ps; i apologise for my lack in commenting on people's journals. i'll get round to it soon.
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