September 24th, 2004


first time using this freaky update page.

what's up with this update page? i think it's kind of a bit formal for my liking. bleh. nevermind.

wednesday night, me & scai-kun didn't actually get a call from the plumber in the end. instead, he made us wait until 4.30pm when we got a call from one of scai-kun's mum's friends to say that she was in A&E. we rushed over to the royal free & she seemed in a lot of pain. they took her bloodtest, but nothing showed up.
i hope she's okay now.

last night was really nice. i wanted to treat scai-kun for once. so we went out to london. we ended up going to drop by in suz on the way to say bye since she's going to uni. i only thought it was fair. i haven't seen her in eons. oh dear..
got to london from sidcup & went to the troc.. the upstairs part is still closed off, which is the best part, so it now pretty much sucks. i really wanted a dog from one of those machines.. but the lame thing wouldn't grab it. so instead we had a go each on the hotoshinken machine. fuck spelling. heheh.
i suck at that.
ahem. whilst walking up tottenham court road we got handed a flyer for FREE entry into metros, which was pretty spiffy. since i haven't been to a club in like FOREVER we decided to go for a bit. but i think i underestimated how small people had been saying it was.
i got claustrophobic, so we left.
instead we went to borderline, but the music was shit, even though the flyer suggested otherwise. crummy hiphop clubs.
so we left. & decided to head towards charing cross. but there was our bus waiting at the bus stop so we decided to head home.

i really don't wanna go to work tonight. i had an anxiety attack on the way home, so i think it's proving i definately need more medication. bummer.
i guess i'm going to have to, so my percentage doesn't fuck up anymore than it already is.

my brother needs the computer. bleh.

i really want this job at prime time videos. yesterday, i made such a fool of myself by giving our dvds back & then nearly forgetting to pay. what an ass. i'm still waiting for a call for an interview. i'm still being hopeful.

i was getting tempted to buy yet more cure albums from HMV & Virgin yesterday. but instead i managed to resist that temptation because i can't afford to want stuff right now. luanne doesn't have any more albums she can lend me =( i thought she had loads. heheh. i must have more out of anyone.

little james wants me to hear him out. i guess i should give him the benefit of the doubt, it just really ultimately pissed me off. plus, he's always going on about wanting to be an adventurer. i'm absolutely SICK OF IT. it's one thing to say it, but another to keep on saying it. blehblehbleh.
next time he calls i will listen. he kind of kept calling at a bad time.

excited. horrah!

i really want a digicam now. then i can just take snaps of my friends. scai-kun's mum has one, i'm jealous. it can make mini-movies too. mucho fun.

four hours till work *sigh* to go or not to go.
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