September 22nd, 2004


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me & scai-kun have been waiting since 8am this morning for a non-existent plumber. it's now almost 4pm.. & i'm so bored of waiting.
not the way you want to particularly spend a day really. heh.

mmm warm cup of tea. with soya milk. weird. never drank it like this before.

last night me, scai-kun, tai, chris, rob & wendy hung in scai-kun's park. we didn't hang on the urine infested slide, like we were going to. we ate chicken pieces & samosas & then walked everyone back to davids. i was happy all night...

because yesterday during work, russell had good old kev [who's actually exactly a year older than me] phone him up & when he asked him what was going on with my prime time videos job, kev told him that i might be in for an interview. YESSSSSS! i cannot fucking wait to see if i get a call in the next week or so. i hope so. mmmhmmm.. i'm just scared of interviews because i never actually know what to say in response to their questions. bleh.

when i got home, my brother said CONGRATULATIONS. i think they're like the only words he's said to me since he's been back from australia. but then again, he's feeling rather sad lately. i think he misses erin alot.

it's mine & scai-kun's anniversary on monday, but we're going to celebrate it on sunday, because i have work on tuesday. ahhhh. i can't wait to taste what the food from the rainforest cafe tastes like.

wow. this midi goes on for 19 minutes. actually, i think it just loops.

i miss you jimsicle. *sniffsniff* where art thou?

why is this keyboard really hard to use? when you start using someone elses keyboard after so long, it's really difficult to type on without making so many mistakes.

i have to go to luanne's tomorrow after dropping our dvds back at prime time. i have to give her cure cds i borrowed back.. & the dvd. mmmhmmm. not bad, not bad.

i have a headache. bleh.
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