September 18th, 2004


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i miss the spectrum.
i've spent hours trying to download an actual emulator that's not a) fake or b) doesn't work. but no such luck yet.
don't you just miss playing those stupid little platform games? but they were such fun...

i'm so cold today. my mum & brother have gone out somewhere.. maybe to go shopping & i'm stuck indoors freezing my butt off with the littlest food. the weird dreams i've been having are still happening. mmmhmmm.
i slept deep last night. i couldn't even get out of bed until 12pm, but then we did stay up till 4pm watching men behaving badly.
they'd given me the wrong tape! i got it on wednesday at cash exchange at they'd given me the final series instead.
DAMN THEM! now i have to go back to get the other one...

speaking of wednesday, it was okay, more so than i thought, but i'd only managed to get one hour sleep & we ended up having to travel all the way to ray's mum's to wait for the plumber to show up. in the end he couldn't do anything because the leak apparently wasn't due to central heating or anything. o__O
so afterwards, we ended up going to kilburn to catch a tube all the way to london where we ended up just having a wander. i put an application form in prime time on goodge street, because i'm really getting desperate for a job now & i bought zelda - four swords/a link to the past.
of which was mighty fun when we played it.. except after that we both fell asleep. it wasn't even late, it was around 10pm.

mum is looking into moving even further south now, so i'm definately not able to move with her. i'm definately gonna have to find a new job soon now, otherwise i'm gonna be stuck. how am i gonna go all the way from london to tesco otherwise? i'm not transfering. the job depresses me enough as it is. however, i think i have enough time left to find a new job.

bah. this entry was majorly boring.
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