September 11th, 2004


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i had a dream last night about a guinea pig, a hamster & scai-kun. i can't really remember what happened but all i remember is falling back to sleep at 1pm, & my mum calling me at 1.25pm & waking me up. so the dream didn't last that long. dreams are weird. o__O

i knew there was an actual point for this entry, but i've forgotten what it was.

i love my icon. ed is so exceptionally cool..

scai-kun came to meet me last night from work & got there 1 hour & 45 minutes early. that was when i found out he hadn't gone home. =P he's so cute. work was boring but i'm handling it because i know i'll be out of there one day. yesss.

is anyone else having problems with yahoo? i type in something to the search engine & it won't retrieve results, it always says there's a problem. how odd...

jimsicle wants to learn allister with me on guitar. i say yes please. i miss playing guitar but i also miss skateboarding, like, alot.

kurisu, you wanna go skating sometime before you start uni?

the weakest link was funny. there was an episode with some hairdressers [who i think were gay men, which made it better..] & they're characteristics just made the show really entertaining, plus the fact they kept forgetting to bank. that's the first show that's ever been interesting, i think. but then they voted off the best person.

i'm rambling alot of crap & there was meant to be a purpose to this post but i forgotten what it was. don't you hate it when that happens?

there was an amazinglicious him article in rock sound, so i had to get it for that reason. me + him = yess please. me + the cure = *spazzes*

i wanna go to blockbuster but i spent my last money on crusha. boo. there isn't even enough milk in the house.

i've made this entry crap, i really apologise.

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