September 8th, 2004


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johnny bravo is really funny.
it was the only thing to watch this morning, but i've found it to be really entertaining.

i've been fucking around on faceparty because livejournal wasn't working properly for me. so i made a new profile..

send me a message if you're a faceparty whore & are maybe bored?

my manager denise is extremely cool. i seriously underestimated her. she's helping me get a new job. PRIME TIME FUCKING VIDEOS <3<3<3
she told me that if i a) ever needed help or to talk to come to her & she'd try her best to listen/help out/understand.. she REALLY understood me, & b) she's letting me use her as a reference for my job. hardcore. i'm majorly impressed.

not only that, but i can't wait to see if i get to leave tesco & work somewhere else! i am so BORED of that place..

scai-kun is having another nosebleed.
why is livejournal being so slow?? answers on a postcard.

i apologise for my lateness & crapness of this entry.

me, david, scai-kun & kurisu went camping the other day & we stayed nearby moomin valley in finchley. i was worried it was gonna be cold but it turned out rather nice in the end. apart from my lameness because i was irritated at lil' james. i haven't spoken to him for TWO WEEKS. gasp! what has happened? the thing is, he sent me a text telling me to move on & get over the fact that he's in love with my boyfriend.
i was a bit pissed off at the time so i sent him a text back telling HIM to get over it. no reply since. erp.

was i too harsh? i dunno.
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