September 2nd, 2004


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nothings happened of late.
but it makes me somewhat happy, for some unknown reason.
i'm just happy that i have such a wonderful boyfriend, who means the absolute world to me, & that i could never hurt or see hurt ever again.
he's been there for me through so much, & i truly believe that no matter what, we'll work through any problems we ever encounter.
he's my best friend, my soulmate, my lover. i know that sounds incredibly corny, but he's truly someone who i respect, love & care for...

i love you scai-kun.
you're the most understanding, incredible, fun-loving, most friendly guy in the whole major fucking universe.

some of the crysta are going camping at the weekend.. so instead of complaining i'm actually gonna bite the bullet & TRY & like it.
they're my friends after all, & i'm sure it can't be that cold.. providing i'm not sick still.

i've been reminising lately about times when me & ray got together, & even before that. it makes me somewhat.. nostalgic.
i think everyone finds out more about people as they get to know them, & i don't think theres possibly one thing that i could ever hate about ray. even the most annoying of things. its what makes him who he is.. & thats who i fell in love with.

my nose is running, i hate that.
we watched the hole tonight. it was okay. but i just realised that the five pounds we were meant to pay for the movies with, we spent on coke & sweets. bugger.

ahhh, i just remembered something random from last night's excapades. me & ray were travelling home late at night on the night bus & two gay men got the same bus as us.. they were so cuute & kissy, & they only live one stop on the bus away from me.. how sweet! i've never seen actual gay men kiss in front of me before so it was just cute to watch. awww. i love gay men who are proud of who they are <3
speaking of last night, it was such an enjoyable night, even if scai-kun was sick [poor baby]. we had a good meal of subway. i'm not a fancy chick so i don't care what we eat really.. i'm just happy doing the usual stuff we do. he even bought me a rave manga for my collection in a late night borders store.. awww!
i have *yet* to get the other shaman king mangas that are waiting for me.

i haven't seen nick in 4545345645756 days & i'm actually glad because i realised how much he played me for a fool. ugh. what annoys me is that i didn't see how he was treating me until the spliff i'd had on top of my medication had worn off & made me see sense.. grr. he'd actually been twisting everything to make it my fault, making ray angry at me & him, & making sure that i did everything HIS way. that's what pissed me off most. ahh, the moment i started having my own mind, he blew me off, threw me another ultimatum & made me see him for who he really is. a jackass. i'm sick of his shit.. i don't think that i'd ever wanna talk to him again.. & can you blame me? he tried to break up me & scai-kun *tear* i hate that so much. i'm glad i realised my true feelings before it was too late.

thankyou scai-kun. you're the best. ever.

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