August 25th, 2004


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it's strange.

ever since keith died, i felt really weird whenever i listened to any of the bands he listened to.. so i never did. but lately, i've been listening to everything he used to & felt calmer because of it.

i went to see luanne today for the first time in a year.
she met scai-san, but he left a couple of hours later.
she told me that four weeks ago she thought she'd actually seen keith in the car park at the station whilst she was waiting for her husband.. & it really freaked her out. what's weird, is that four weeks ago was when i really started missing him.
she thinks he could have been a guardian ghost, & trust me, she really believes in that stuff. but she also thinks he's still around.
heheh. who knows, it's nice to feel like he's *there* somewhat.

i'm typing like a retard tonight because i burnt my finger whilst trying to cook. ahhh.. never leave me in charge of anything please.

we're off to brighton tomorrow.
i hope i feel better by then.

my bladder & stomach feel like they're having a race to see which one will kill me first.

horrah. luanne gave me five cure cds & a dvd to listen to/watch. now i have stuff to take on the journey. <3<3<3
& keiths radiohead cd.
i love you lu.
not only that, but i have a ton of american chocolate goodness gracing my drawer. cool is this girl?
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