August 24th, 2004


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i am such a pig sometimes.
i'm sitting here stuffing my face with custard creams & chocolate & trying not to drink coke because my sugar levels are like 56457645646 times higher than they should be.

at work today, some old man accidently said his pin number out loud when i asked if he wanted to use the chip & pin system. i gave him a "look what you've just done" look & i think then afterwards he must have realised what he'd done. silly people.
work was chaotic.

my head is exploding.
i seriously hate my anxiety, it brings on the worst side effects.
that was part of the reason i spent the day umming & ahhing about going to brighton. in the end i decided that i only live one life.. so i should go despite what i'm feeling.
i never know what might happen.

& little james called me tonight scared out of his mind because he thought he lost his bank card.. but now he *thinks* he most definately left it at home. oops.

i get paid in two weeks & a half. go me.

ahh.. i have nothing interesting to say.
headache's piss me off.
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i am not a happy bunny.

i am cold.
i am tired.
i have a headache..
making me pissed off.

my anxiety is driving me crazy.

in the meantime, i've created a list of things i NEED to take to brighton with me...

a charger for my mobile;
a spare mobile;
a book; [oh it is essential]
MUSIC [<3]
spare clothes;
a hairbrush;
MONEY; [+]
a towel.. apparently;
... eh. i can't think of anything else.

shit. i forgot to buy kerrang & the new issue comes out tomorrow. wahhh. they had an offer for 500 free texts at the weekend with orange, & i was gonna get it. *le sigh*

scai-san, where art thou?
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