August 23rd, 2004


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brand new journal? kind of. i got bored of the old one..
i'm meant to be joining the boyfriend to watch shaman king now [japanese version]

speaking of scai-san, he picked me up & accidently walked me into a door earlier.


my feet are cold.

this journal is public... yess.. you did see right.
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me & scai-san just had a shaman king marathon.
yess, you heard right.. about 20 episodes of shaman king back to back, with a break to let my mother watch law & order.
i only have six episodes to go through now.. o__O

it's gone so quick.

i've decided pretty much 85% i'm going to brighton. bah, scai-san convinced me.. but he didn't even need to try hard, it was watching shaman king that did it. damn thy obsession.


i have work tomorrow. i am not pleased. but then, horrah, a week off, plus a half! that makes nine days left for the brighton trip..

wish me luck my friends.
i'll probably give my last update tomorrow night.
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