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*pauses* Wow. XD

...Just wow.

I just watched with major interest the first two episodes of Gravitation, & i am in love.
I have read the mangas, & I have to say both are close on how good they are.

That was one of the best animes I've ever watched! Other than FMA of course, duh ^_____^
but.. Yay! >D
*gravi-yaoi type love thing*

I recommend this anime to YOU teracia since you asked about it.
Oh, & gwavie you should hurry up & watch more episodes! XD

Anyway.. Scai-kun was just singing "Spicy Marmalade" & he went into the cupboard to look for some, & some paper cups fell out on him. I laughed my ass off @___@
Ehh~ nobody said i was sane. ^_~


Extremely important edit~ I couldn't resist.

kawaii_takuchan ADD ME!

you can delete this one, if need be. I probably won't update in it anymore.

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i did a major userinfo update.

what do you guys think?
if any of you haven't read my last post, & wanna do my survey [plz do XD] go here & do it. Yay.

lately i've been reading tons of gravitation, alot of deathnote & a bit of sukisho. *LOVE*
& icon love goes to sky_dark for making me this icon.

shuichi shindou x eiri yuki? one of the best pairings ever.
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i've done a bit of a friend's cut.. mainly took off the people who don't update anymore, or got new journal's or who i just don't speak to.
but alas, if you wanna be added on again, go ahead & ask away.

here here, i got a new layout sorted XD

what do you all think? hmm?

current downloads:

gravitation full series & OVAs: 16.8%
candidate for goddess full series: 0.9% but i only just started it ^____^

i just read the final candidate for goddess manga, & now i'm confused. i thought this was the last?? but right at the end, it had "continued in next volume....?" with the question mark & all, so maybe there will be a continuation at some point o.O
ahhh welll, we'll see.

the FMA DVD's got put back to august here >____>
that sucks. Yay, distribution *shakes fist*

i got my drawing of fullmetal alchemist finished yesterday. to scan or not to scan, that is the question?
[ed, al, winry, roy & hughes...]

i'm off to eat something hot & to catch up on gravitation.
i also managed to get some sukisho to read [volume one] so we'll see about that too.


i added this to sacrifice making another update. do it for me, PLZ.

1. Who are you, what's our relationship:
2. How and where did we meet:
3. What's my middle name:
4. How long have you known me:
5. Tell me one good thing about myself:
6. When you first saw/talked to me what was your impression:
7. Stuff i hate?
8. Most common words i use:
9. My favorite band at the moment:
10. Colour eyes:
11. Do i have any siblings:
12. Have you ever had a crush on me:
13. What's one of my favorite things to do:
14. Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you:
15. Describe me in 3 words:
16. Name 5 things i love:
17. Name 5 books or bands i should check out:
18. How would you describe me to someone:
19. Random comment:
20. Tell me one thing you've always wanted to say but never did:
21. What do you like most about me:
22. If we could spend a day together what would we do:
23. Have we ever gotten in a fight:
24. Do you think we will be friends for at least 3 or 4 more years:
25. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it:
26. What do you think my weakness is?
27. Do you think I'll get married?
28. What makes me happy?
29. What makes me sad?
30. What reminds you of me?
31. If you could give me anything what would it be?
32. When's the last time you saw me?
33. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?
34. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
35. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
36. If I was an ice cream flavor, which would I be and why?
37. What song (if any) reminds you of me?
38. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
39. Would you make a move on me?
40. Do I cross your mind at least 1 time a day?
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me & ed XD
a 6" high model of edward elric to feed my obsession more >D
awww! eeeee~ such goodness!

today, me & scai-kun went with my mother to visit queensway/notting hill gate. although we never actually got round to going to notting hill gate because there were too many distractions on the way T_T

so in the end, we went to whitelys, stopped off at orbital comics on the joyous way.. & i perved over the fma merchandise. my mum had trouble getting down the steep stairs, bless her XD
i held back on buying anything for myself.. we went on to queensway to check out the shops/mall. i think that queensway used to be a lot better before, the shops seemed to have got worse for some reason x____x
oh well. heh.
we got erin's birthday presents in the shopping center though, a peach coloured strap-top, extremely delicate, & some thorntons chocolate made especially for her with her name on it ^____^
we ate in a really nice cafe in queensway high street though.. Yay.
a couple of hours after, we went back to central london, & we popped into borders for the toilet, i got distracted by the manga for a bit.... >__>
but then we went back to orbital where scai-kun purchased my figure for me ^_____^
it set him back a fair bit too =S

then we pondered over where to go, & i ended up buying gravitation #6 from forbidden planet. i'm addicted to that cute manga series.



hmm, then my mum really needed some stuff in tesco so we went on over to there, & i decided to cook for scai-kun on our anniversary tomorrow, with candles & the like ^___^
so we bought some ingredients for that. i'm really hoping it turns out okay!

fufufu.. it started to rain so we headed home, but not before getting a burger king.
i wish our BK sold fish! english BK is so boring XD

i nearly fell asleep on the train home. & i was peeved that my gravitation cd didn't work >___> i'll have to redo it. feh.

hah, the shaman king movie sucks. it's only twenty minutes long.
it's not even what i'd call a movie.
oh well T_T

i'm in the mood for drawing...

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01: Take a screencap of your desktop.
02: Upload the screen cap to your image server.
03: Reply to this entry with a link to your screencap. Include any explanations you feel are necessary.
04: Post your cap in YOUR LJ along with these rules.

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fufufu.. i didn't really have a reason to update, i just felt like sharing a few pictures XD [below!]

scai-kun is stroking my hair with a ruler.... uhh? o.O
& sellotape, & a battery & thread... x____x
freak =P

SQUUEEEE. i've been reading fullmetal alchemist scanlations to get me caught up on my manga.. & since i got deathnote i've been reading the scanlations of that. it's... odd >D
oh, & candidate for goddess which i didn't get round to reading till now.

i wish my scanner was set up >_>
i'm too lazy to get it working.. feh.

i want my fma vcds, like, now. =(

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY REI-REI! loveles_pheonix

we did our usual adventure to london yesterday to pick up some weekly manga & check out some stores.
mr. miyagi's brought me to fullmetal alchemist number 10 [jap] & deathnote 1 [jap] & they offered to still get in touch about fma number 4, then the lady serving in there told me since we were weekly regular customers she'd pass on a free english manga of short stories for us that she'd got & immediately thought of us. Yay XD
so we pick that up in a good couple of weeks.
hmm... >D

after mr. miyagi's we did our usual orbital trip & i took a lucky dip with the fullmetal alchemist figures [i wanted, roy, envy or the other ed] but roy was in the other pack, & i ended getting izumi.. oh welll >_>
it was a limited edition rare metallic one & she now sits next to ed on my fullmetal alchemist stand.
scai-kun got his battle angel alita number 8.

kitzune: cyborg freak!
scai-kun: edward freak!

fufufu.. i grabbed gravitation five from comic showcase which was exactly the same price as forbidden planet but whatever x__x
it was just THERE & i'm lazy.~

mmmm.. curried rice XD

anyyway, after our adventures in the city centre we headed to liza's to see her. she turned up with linda & one of scai-kun's many uncles...

they were heading out to his uncle dennis' birthday party later, so we went to rei-rei's house to wish her a happy birthday! gave her her card & talked for a lil' while.. Yay.

what else?? she was going out for a meal so her parents dropped us off in cricklewood & we went to scai-kun's auntie malou's house for ze party.. liza was drunk & so were 45456456546 other people, so we ate in the kitchen since it was a crowded house. everyone made scai-kun drink jack daniel's & i flat out refused to drink anything alcoholic [go me!] & after a while we left for home..

there was a fire on the jubilee line earlier o.O
so i was worried that it wouldn't be working but it was fiiine.....
we went home & almost fell asleep on scai-kun's lap.

t'other day, we finished watching the fullmetal alchemist series XD
i've seen all 51 episodes now *sniffle* i want more darn it!! MORE MORE MORE!
have to wait for that damned movie to finally come out & maybe i'll buy it on dvd from america or something?

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i went to my counseller today, fun x___x
she told me i have another five months to wait before i get to see a counseller, freaking waiting lists... >_>
not happy but eh, whatever.
in the meantime she said that work would probably not be a good option for me, whew.
so i might take up my japanese lessons & art lessons sometime in the future instead & start working for a comic store or something some other time, we'll see. XD

why is my computer clock always WRONG?!?!
it changes with the weather.

i love edward's voice.. ahhhh, so good.

ed with dark hair = HOT.

um.. this post was awfully written, my bad.
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today was pretty standard i guess?

me & scai-kun went to liza's house to meet up & discuss some house he could have gone to live at, but we told them in the end that we wanted to stay living together permanently, so we're gonna both keep looking for permanent accomodation. fufufu..
we managed to take the shaman king movie though! XD so Yay to that!

whatta else? we walked from london bridge this morning & it was freaking hot for some reason, so i baked cuz i'd overdressed [thats what i get for dressing like edward-kun] heh. ahhhh wellll.
so now i have a headache & i'm really tired from all that walking/travelling. tis a pirates life for me.
except they sail, so i dunno what i'm talking about. *hint at myself to get the next volume of one piece.*

on sunday, scai-kun is getting me fma volume 9 in japanese [maybe]~ or whatever's there, another fullmetal alchemist figure [i wanna get another ed-kun or roy but they only do boxes & only winry is in the seethrough ones. darn!!] so it's a lucky dip again & i'm gonna get gravitation number five.
tomorrow is park day!!

me & scai-kun are gonna take food over the park, & sit in the sun in a tree & read manga. as you do..

i got really emotional over fullmetal alchemist yesterday. CALL ME LAME! i don't care x_x
it was really sad & i'm getting really into it. i adore edward-kun. i really do. XD
i'm up to number 45 now.. =( the series is nearly over & the movie doesn't come out here for AGGGGGGGGES. then when it does it'll only be in select movie theaters & it will suck that it costs alot & bleh.
oh well. we'll see.

i've eaten far too much junk today. i feel like this x_x

edit~ i took a look at the pictures of the fma game & now i really want a DS before they come out here!! *curses* it costs so much though >___<


added & taken from teracia & saku

I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you
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so scai-kun cut my hair for me in the style of realist edward elric.
all i need now is extensions. i really do like his hair, i usually hate plaiting my hair but i've decided that the way ed has it makes it look snazzy so we'll see how my japanese style hair turns out XD

anyyway, here; PICTURES!

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hmm.. i think i'm such a sap sometimes. i almost cried at the end of fma ep 23.. it was so emotional XD
ahhh welll. shows you how weird i am o.O

i had a dream the other day that matt le blanc [joey from friends] lived down the road, & i didn't know until i saw him coming out of his house (he had a harley out front!?) & then i walked off [i was with a friend] & we decided to go back & see if he would talk to us, so we pondered outside his house until we went to ring the doorbell & he came out XD
then he exchanged a few words of which i can't remember & said he was going out now.

uhhh.. that was pretty pointless since that's the only part i remember. although last night i had another weird dream involving my old high school. i keep dreaming about it >_<
i hated it there!!
what happened was..
i had to sing j-pop in the canteen for some reason but for all i know i was getting chased by something strange.. & that's all i remember. oh, & i met one of my teachers coming out of my old homeroom. uhh.
my dreams don't even make sense!

i'm gonna use one of teracia's livejournal icons she made for me this time! it's soo cuuute!

muhh. this week turned busy quickly =S
friday we have to meet up with liza for scai-kun to look at a house, so i'm going with him.. we plan to live together elsewhere soon because it's unfair on my mother keeping us both here all the time.
hmm, i'm hopefully gonna get my hair extensions then. [my hair is going blonde people!!~ i'm actually excited about this]

& then sunday is rei-rei's birthday.... i dunno what she's doing for that yet, but hopefully she'll let us all know.

monday is my counselling session.
i'm a) not looking forward to it
b) have no idea where it is at.


anyway, i actually came on the computer to do something else, so i'm gonna go do that.
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ahhh heckk.. i'm so extremely tired but i thought i may as well do this quick update now before i go to bed & relax.

uhh, yeah, so the last two days have been overexhausting =P
me & scai-kun stayed up till about 5am last night making.. dundunDUN.... an edward elric cyborg arm, & in the end we managed to get one coat of paint on it [making the darn thing took all night!] & get about one to two hours sleep before this morning.
hmm yeah. for some reason, i had an impulse to be edward for the day so i wore the arm when we went out to london, & my red jacket which my mother had kindly bought for me during the day.. aren't mothers kind? XD

anyyyyyway, we were gonna go to wood green but i was feeling queasy on the train so we decided not to. [i'm somehow relieved we didn't but i'll get to that later]
we stayed in london for a bit, & we checked out our usual spots. mr. miyagi's only had numbers 2, 3, & 9 of hagaren [fma] so i didn't get anything there. scai-kun got his ranma half.
picked up chris at centerpoint & then popped along to orbital & showed off my arm to david [the guy who works there sundays, who's becoming a friend of ours?] who was amazed at it & thought it was really good (even though by then the paint had been chipping off a fair bit because there was only one coat on it]... i decided i MIGHT get my model but we didn't really look around properly.
scai-kun bought me my fullmetal alchemist number three [jap].
we went to gosh.....
i got;
d.n.angel #6
inuyasha #1
little james turned up. so we picked him up from center point & went back to gosh for a bit.. intriiiiigued.
we ended up busying ourselves going around the usual comic/manga stores [forbidden planet, etccc] & virgin megastores tempted me to buy gravitation #4 & i really wanted inuyasha #2.. so scai-kun was kind enough to offer to buy them for me since he had nothing else to buy & wanted to treat me =D awww, my boyfriend is THE BEST. >D
so we bought zem from gosh.
then jimsicle turned up & we met at subway........

headed to forbidden planet, & looked around for a bit. jimsicle had brought along anthony & i was forever admiring his blue hair. [i love blue tinged hair.. it really suited him too XD]
in the end, we headed off to orbital.
& i came across....... *gasp* the fullmetal alchemist pocketwatch & necklace limited edition!!!!!11!1! XD
so i had to get it.. of course, jimsicle paid for it as a present with the money that he owed me for my guitar [awww!] so it's really a present =D
it cost me enough but it's SOOO worth it >_<

then there was an incident with little james in the fountain opposite astoria. he somehow managed to get soaked. when me, jimsicle & anthony asked him about it, he told us he'd decided to plunge into the water feet first just to get 50p o.O weirdo... x_X he could have got that near the edge of the fountain [it's not even a money fountain usually!]
ohh wellll. well he dripped all over orbital's store floor, which annoyed ray[?] [the owner of the store who had turned up for certain reasons] & we made a quick exit. ummm, afterwards (i'm blind XD) i found out the police had been in & out of the store trying to find out what had happened because a fight had occured next door & had punched a hole through the wall & burst a watermain.. & ray [the store owner] who wasn't even meant to be there since it wasn't his work day was in a frenzy over it.. [poor guy, he loves his store].
ahhhh welll, people can be so violent >_<

sooo umm, chris & jimsicle took some pictures of my ed-ness. i'm sure they'll send it my way soon so i can show y'all what a fool i looked like XD
it would have looked better taken with the necklace & pocketwatch though, but what can you do??

liza's was okay. i felt a bit crappy still, [i was feeling crappy all day] & had a bit of a cry on the way there, but i got better once i'd rested a bit. i hope she's okay though.....
oh & it turned out my VCDs weren't the right ones so i'm gonna have to send 'em back.. but i can't wait for my fullmetal alchemist ones to get here!! Yay.

geeeee whizz, i'm so tired. my brother starts work tomorrow so i hadda wish him luck for it tonight. he sounds confident in it though, which is always good.

just finished watching two episodes of full metal alchemist.
fehhh, i'm feeling mega sleepyy.. so i'm gonna goooo i think.

ps; scai-kun wants to tell the world that he drew a picture of a ninja getting caught because his mobile phone went off. weirddd o.O
afternote; he's come to the conclusion that townies are trying to be colourful ninjas. uhhh.. don't ask.

pps; edited userinfo
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