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If looks could really KILL

I'd make STARING my profession.

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: I love you, INDEFINETLY. Every part of you. "Death was just a simple glance across a dim lit room & those eyes did it. Those three words did it. Those three words killed her. & I surrender to it all. Between you&me, i surrender to you. Forgive me for the sadness. I just needed a lover and i needed a friend and there you were. Running from forever like all the rest. Three simple words bled me dry. Three simple words bled us dry. I love you."

: 311, Afi, Alexisonfire, Alkaline Trio, Allister, Anti-Flag, A static lullaby, At the drive-in, Atreyu, Autopilot Off, Avenged Sevenfold, Bad Religion, Ben kweller, Billy Talent, Boys Night Out, BoySetsFire, BoyHitsCar, Boys Night Out, Box car racer, Brand new, Bright eyes, Britney Spears, Coheed and Cambria, Counting crows, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Dead Kennedy's, Deftones, Don't Look Down, Dynamite Boy, The Early November, Fall Out Boy, Fenix TX, Finch, Flogging Molly, Frank Sinatra, From Autumn to Ashes, Further seems forever, Get Up Kids, Go Betty Go, Glassjaw, Guttermouth, Happy Campers, Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, Jack off Jill , Joss Stone, Juliana Theory, Letter Kills, Liz Phair, Maroon 5, Matchbook Romance, Mest, Michael Jackson, Mindless Self Indulgence, Motion City Soundtrack, My Chemical Romance, MXPX, Nada Surf, New Found Glory, NOFX, Norma Jean, Pipedown, Plain White T's, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Poison The Well, Riddlin Kids, Rise Against, Rolling Blackouts, Rufio, Saves The Day, Senses Fail, Shadows Fall, Slick Shoes, Something Corporate, Story of the Year, Suffocate Faster, Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, Tenacious D, The Ataris, The Cure, The Darkness, The Flaming Lips, The Pixies, The Postal Service, The Starting Line, The Used, The White Stripes, Thrice, Thursday, The Vandals, Tsunami Bomb, Vendetta Red, Weezer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Yellowcard & more.

: Need to stalk me? Here you go. AIM // OUCH shes broken ; EMAIL // Iike soo fetch@aol.com