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3rd January 2013

12:49pm: Happy New Year.

20th September 2011

12:51pm: I'm 23, i live with my mum, i have 3 GCSE's and I've been reading the same book since October. I'm borderline retarded and I am going nowhere.

1st September 2011

1:49pm: sup LJ?
shit year.

I go back to work today after having something stupid like 6 weeks off over the summer. It's going to be strange and I don't know what to expect, but either way it's going to be awful.

getting close to the point where I wanna just retire, all fall into a coma. fucking fuck off.

6th January 2011

11:26am: 9th year of being on livejournal, mental.
i just sat and read a 150+ comment debate on the current eastenders story line. My life sucks.

Oh well.

7th December 2010

12:31am: FML worst post of 2010
I'm fed up of being single now. I'm sick of always wanting to be drunk and high, and i'm fed up of always wanting to spend my money on gigs and cds.
But I don't wanna educate my self and I don't wanna try and be anyone else but me. Everyone's either too retarded or too clever, and it makes me hate myself.
I can't relate to anyone around me, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

29th November 2010

1:17am: misanthropic self indulgent cringe ahead
this has been a pretty good year i guess.

I really fucking hate the snow. I'm at the point where I could completely go without seeing it ever again. We've had far too much this year, and it's no longer pretty, festive, nice, or whatever. It's an inconvenience to be honest, and that's all it is. All my trainers leak, I don't own any waterproof clothing, and it just makes it harder to get about. White Christmas's are for racists anyway. It'd be cool if we went sledging, built snow men, or had big snow ball fights, but no one is like that anymore. Everyone is way too boring, myself included. I don't even feel like a real person sometimes. I don't do things that real people do, like y'know, build snowmen, or buy gloves and wrap up warm, I feel like a brain dead tramp. I've spent most of this weekend inside watching Stewart Lee - now he cracks me up, such a clever guy.

I really fucking hate x factor too. When you see 15 people posting the same x factor related status updates on facebook, I can't help but think - hang on, surely they've seen the 14 updates prior to theirs, saying the exact same boring bullshit, about some fucking giant bent rigged karaoke contest, and they know it's bent and rigged, but still watch it and get wounded up about fat pedophiles who can't sing getting voted off or not getting voted off - surely you'd think, there's no need for me to say this, because everyone else already has. It'd be like me reminding my mum that michael jackson died, every five fucking minutes. I know this is me being cynical, and I hate people who are like, "ohhh I don't like that because that's what conventional people like, it's too commercial blah blah blah", because I'm not like that at all - well I try not to be, but maybe I am sometimes, I don't know. I like to stair into space sometimes, and fantasize about a deranged Dermot O'leary storming the ITV studios with semtex and grenades screaming, "I CAN'T FUCKING DO THIS ANYMORE, ALL YOUR EXISTENCES CONTRIBUTE TO NOTHING BUT ONE BIG MASSIVE JOKE" and then I get pissed off at my self for even thinking like that.

I'm looking forward to my mum going away, it's gonna be good to just have 3 weeks to lay about with my music on full and to just chiiilllll. Might be able to ease off on the nights out that way, have people round for drinkypoos and such. Sad really that that's the only thing to look forward to. Wolves In The Throne room on Wednesday, very strapped for cash so i'm hoping hooley is gonna sort it out heh. Where's scott disappeared to? I hope he's alright.

Managed to blag a band of horses ticket from stu for february, that's pretty cool I guess. I wanna hear all of Cease To Begin and bawl my eyes out. Saw Torche on tuesday, that was fucking big. Although the bass really overpowered the vocals, it was still awesome and sounded ace. Went to see gallows at the well on wednesday, it was really good to be honest. Good to hang out with Rich Milligan and have a chin wag with him. this is really boring isn't it? I know, I know, but whatever, it's half twelve and i've got nothing better to do than sit in darkness reflecting on how boring I actually am. In an attempt to be less of a retard I tried writing some album reviews and put them on a blog[ http://andnomoreshallwepart.blogspot.com/ ], it's not really working out as they're all really mediocre and don't really say anything clever or interesting. Hooley keeps banging on about starting a blog, or some kinda of writing based zine type effort, but I don't know how we're going to do it and make it different and interesting at the same time, he seems to think we can do something worth while. Sigh. you know your life is lame when you're thinking of doing a blog. That sentence alone is ridiculous. I don't even wanna do it, I don't wanna be part of anything like thatm it's not for me at all(mainly because I have NOTHING interesting to contribute), so why do I feel like i'm edging towards something like that? is this peer pressure? Is it an attempt to fit in? Hooley must be on crack thinking anyone would wanna read the bullshit that comes out of mine and his mouths.

I might become a satanist. Night.
Current Mood: mischievous

1st November 2010

10:55pm: EAGLE TWIN + POMBAGIRA @ BRUDENELL = gig of the year/decade.
So Eagle Twin & Pombagira were completely off the hook.

About 30 people turned up, and that was including the bands that were there. After speaking to Steve the week before, we felt obliged to catch Normal Man opening. They smashed out some good riffs, especially the sabbath-esque bass lines. Vocals were a bit ropey, sounded somewhere in between flipper and pissed jeans, which doesn't sound like a bad thing but it was hard to grasp live. Gonna check out their recordings though, deffinately. Thing they've got a couple of tapes done so i'll have to make a purchase.

Went out for a smoke and a very nice young lady came and sat with us and had asked for a king size silver riz. She was wearing a BONG tshirt, obviously you can imagine my reaction when I was drunk. Her and her friend sat with us and we had a few smokes before heading into see Pombagira. I'm not gonna lie, I was really really fond of her. She's coming to a few gigs that i'm going to, and i've got her on facebook (soz for the cliche).

So as we were waiting for Pombagira to come on the stage, our new friends came and sat with us as we admired the bands equipment. Judging on the sound we were about to hear, the southern doom duo had certainly invested their money in acquiring the right gear - and thats coming from someone who knows near to nothing about music hardware. To know that they were using 1970s sunn amps and old marshal cabs was good enough. They just looked awesome, never mind what they sounded like. Anyway, as they came to the stage what we heard was phenomenal. Smashing out riffs from their new album, Baron Citadel, I couldn't help but feel lucky to be in the room. The fuzz that came from the PA was insane, should have brought ear plugs with me. Completely in awe, I was grateful that the set went on longer that what I expected and didn't think anything could top it.

But I was wrong. Eagle Twin sounded just as awesome. Their set consisted of slow-to-fast hammering riffs from their debut album The Unkindness of Crows. It was strange though, some of their songs sounded completely different to what they sounded like recorded. Some of the riffs sounded - dare i say it - more conventional. More organized even. It doesn't matter though, it sounded awesome. We couldn't help but wonder if they'd ever sound like this live again due to the fact they were playing through Pombagiras colossal ensemble of amps and cabs.

To some the explosion of two-piece doom/metal bands is getting somewhat tedious, but these bands proved to me that they know how to do it properly. After listening to the CD again since the gig (several times) all I can think is,'this just isn't loud enough.'

26th October 2010

3:16pm: Self Indulgent Cringe
It's amazing that the slightest comment someone says can piss you off so much, like, incredibly. Feeling pretty naff this afternoon, to say yesterday I was proper buzzing from the good weekend. Brainwash festival was a really good effort. Saw some awful bands & some awesome ones. HEALTH were phenomenal, melt banana, the plight, dolphins, black moth, blacklisters, dosh were all really really good too. Humanfly weren't at their best. Chickenhawk sound better on CD.

Disapointed with the shining. Was it dumb of me to be expecting the old black metal outfit!? Instead we was greeted with a group that looked like Rammstein, and sounded like Mindless Self Indulgence. It was disgusting. Avant-garde jazz nu metal tripe. Avant Garde is french for bullshit hah.

Off to see Eagle Twin, Pombagira and local lads Normal Man tomorrow. Looking forward to Pombagira equally as much as eagle twin now, purely based on the equipment they use. 2 people playing through 7 cabs, 1970s Sunn amps, it's gonna be amazing.

I think me and Cara are going to Constellations Festival in november too; Broken Social Scene, Four Tet, Liars... should be alright. It's been good seeing more of Cusic recently, had a proper good catch up with him and been to a couple of gigs/nights out with him.

Can't wait to get my speakers wired in. Need to tidy my room big style. I need a new room in a new house, but that's not the point.
Current Mood: blah

11th October 2010

4:02pm: I'm not defeatist, i'm defeated.
such a good weekend.
but everything is fucked!

29th September 2010

3:51pm: Saw grinderman on monday, it was phenomenal. It was at the refec so i thought it was gonna be a shower of shite, but they had their own PA and it was actually awesome sound. Heavy as shit live compared to on cd, the riffs were gooooooood. Nick and Warren are beautiful.

can't get over how many good gigs there's been/there is this year.

Baroness, Silver Mt Zion, Mono, Mark Lanegan, Earthless/Russian Circles/Khuda, Wooden Shjips, Eyehategod, Weedeater, Wiht, Sage Francis, Grinderman, Leeds Fest... and still to come there's like, Coliseum, Torche, Red Sparowes, The Sword, Gallows/dead swans/hexes/lw, band of horses again, it's gonna be sick. and now, i find out that WOLVES IN THE FUCKING THRONE ROOM are playing in december. I don't care that I don't go travelling, I don't care that I'm not doing a degree, and i don't care that i've got a dogshit job, i'm so excited right now.

24th September 2010

1:34pm: Oh yeah, saw sage francis last week. It exceeded expectations.

He played a spoken word version np - the cure. it was sick.

Thats all really.

1st September 2010

1:30pm: reflections on leeds fest
So, I can't complain about the weekend. Probably the best Leeds Fest yet, purely for lolz, bands, and the variety of good company.

Thursday was spent at camp, with Beechy, Mel, Emma, Reece, Tom Holt, Zara & Paddy and it was lovely just to sit about boozing and smoking. Twilight Zone Holt sorted it out with the BBQ big time and we all ate loads of meat, it was ace. Went down to the arena at night to watch Chickenhawk and they were awesome. Spent a lot of time being emo, but in a good way I guess. Got absolutely off my bonce with Deano and don't remember a great deal.

Headed down to the arena on Friday and immediately got frisked and searched. Apparently you're not allowed good cameras in the arena anymore? totally fucking bullshit. Anyway, i dumped it at a welfare tent and this gave me some time to re-establish where to stash my weed. Fridays best bands were probably Arcade Fire, Paint it Black, Gallows, Cancer Bats, and Cerebral Ballzy. Choice name I know, but they were straight up awesome. Fast loud 80s style hardcore punk, really really impressive. Got involved with the Gallows pit, it was pretty fun & i felt young again. Human pyramids and all sorts of shit. Me and Beechy went to the front for Cancer Bats and that was hectic, Liam got right in the crowd and rammed the mic in Beechys face and he got a lyric in, it was fun. I quite enjoyed The Futureheads too, I've seen em before and not been too arsed for them, but they sounded good, played 4 or 5 songs i recognised and the sun was shining, they were pretty good. The Cribs & Libertines nailed it too, two other bands that I don't really like but can sorta see the appeal and they sounded alright. Especially to say the libertines haven't supposed to have been practicing, but they looked pretty clean and played pretty tight. I'm sure the 6 figure some they were paid to play it will soon alter that.

Saturday, my birthday, was the best. I met Scott early Saturday morning cuz he had a day ticket and we hit the booze. Then Hooley and Pesh & Co turned up with blunts galore. Found toppers an all and we all went and sat at the main stage after watching Blacklisters, who were really good. A bit gutted that I missed Kvelertak because I was sidetracked with people and fun and lolz and the what not, but I'll see them supporting Coliseum at The Well later this year. Caught the last half of Motion City Soundtrack and they didn't sound too bad. The King Blues were on after and I think I can say they were the worst band all weekend. Absolutely diabolical, they sounded like a piss wet through version of the Transplants. Went to see HEALTH in the dance tent and they were absolutely awesome. I was trying to convince Hooley that they could be alright, and we were all impressed in the end, sounded like a cross between Battles & Lightning Bolt but a bit more dancey. Saw Holy Fuck and they didn't sound too offensive, very electronic. We then went to meet Leigh and we watched Wild Beasts, they sounded average, I don't get the hype. Limp Bizkit were awesome, sung every word (yes, even the album tracks that only me and pesh's girlfriend seemed to know) until we had to dash and catch Angelos Epiphemieu, the strange strange man. Pretty funny though, if you like that sort of humor. Ran back to catch Cypress Hill and got totally fucking blunted. They played a bit of new stuff but a lot of classics and they were on a whole pretty enjoyable. Weezer blew my mind, I was skeptical at first because I thought they'd play an array of shite songs, but the set list was ace, rivers was giving it some pasty and was outrageously funny. I can't remember what I did when Paramore was on, but they sounded pretty bab when I walked past. Must have lost a good hour of my life there. Blink 182, well, i'll be honest they weren't cracking. A lot of people are into this whole nostalgia shit, well I'm not unless they're actually going to sound good. I love Blink 182, i'm a fan of Blink 182, but after hearing about 7 songs from the self titled album I walked away to Whitness the Fitness that was Roots Manuva lolz. He was good, better than Blink anyway. Walked back to the camp for boozes then went to the oxfam tent for a boogie. Harassing people is the best, got proper mashed and crashed out about half 4, 5ish.

After waking up on Sunday to hearing Guns N Roses Axl Rose & His Merry Men sound checking I was actually ready to go home. Ugh. Put me in a foul mood, but that was soon changed by a lovely cake breakfast that Melanie supplied, aww it was delightful. Went to watch Eddie Argos from Art Brut with Beechy and he was quite good. Quite quirky but dry at the same time and it was pretty funny. Went to the main stage and met up with Mel & Laura and folk and we sat and watched Gogol Bordello, Billy Tallent and NOFX. I never remembered Gogol Bordello being that bad but they were awful. Too much reggae and dub and not enough of the old Ukrainian sound. Start wearing purple sounded alright. Billy Tallent, well, i don't even know why they're a band. He can't sing at all, then he just shouts, COME ON EVERYBODYYYY. They were rubbish. NOFX were quality. Sloppy and fast, but still entertaining as ever. They sounded better than blink anyway, to say they're that old. Went back to the lock up stage to catch Strike Anywhere with who were alright, nothing spesh but they were alright. Streetlight Manifesto sounded alright if you're into that sort of music but not really for me. Hatebreed sounded awesome, played a lot of classics and a few new songs but they sounded good. Went to see Biffy and they weren't too bad compared to the last time I saw em at Leeds Fest. Mixture of old and new songs, and despite what everyone else says, Simon's beard and and hair is looking sick at the moment, he looks like santa clause. I wasn't really looking forward to seeing QOTSA, mainly because the rumours of Nick rejoining them had been dismissed and their line up isn't half as strong as it has been in the past. But anyway, they sounded really really good. I don't like Josh Homme though, he does my tits in these days, but despite that, they laid the law down and I was impressed. Me & Mel came home after QOTSA and I had a nice clean bed and room and it was lovely.

I'm deffinately gonna go again next year, I think the festival it's self is only getting better, maybe not line up wise, but there's a lot more going on each year. Yeah there's a lot of dickheads there, and a lot of stuck up rich kids, but you just gotta ingore that and enjoy the party. I'll upload the very few photos that I took soon.

31st August 2010

6:06pm: =(
i wish it was last thursday.

24th August 2010

3:58am: i think
i just fell in love with a 45 year old liberal woman outside mcdonalds on briggate.

zhe was w6nderful

happy birtthday emmerson shepherd. tonight was wonderful

23rd August 2010

3:23pm: "G-Unity Day" - Paul Ferguson
So Unity day on saturday, all in all it was a really nice day, but for a day that's supposed to be about unity and what not, it wasn't very successful. Freeman got his camera nicked and him and adam got in a fight, not good. I thought someone was going to get stabbed and it was awful. saw various other fights/bottling situations too, which is not what you need when people are there just to have a good time. Apparently the police weren't too helpful either, lauren has been speaking to them and they've just fobbed her off really so what a joke.

Other than that, it was nice. Saw some alright bands, and some shit ones, saw lots of friends and drunk too much. Me and Hooley went into town for cocktails and went to juvi which from what i remember was a cracking night.

Leeds fest this week, pretty excited, but skint.

16th August 2010

5:01pm: Very lethargic few weeks.
Dave's back, alice is gone. Everything's changing.

Friday night was a GOOD night out. After saying goodbye to Alice in The Dragon, I went to see Black Lace and it was insane. The Brudenell was packed, and it was such a good atmosphere, everyone was just having a lol. They played gang bang, agadoo, we did the conga and danced lots, it was very very silly. Ended up getting a glass thrown at us outside pizza cano for no reason whatsoever though, that was a bit weird. Wasn't happy about the fact that a girl was hit by the brunt of it and having to pick glass out of my pizza, not fucking cool. Me & Hooley were furious, Hooley more so than me and he was just ready to fight. It was one of those situations where I just wanted to walk away, I didn't wanna see get someone hurt more than Leigh, and end up in casualty all night, luckily we didn't end up fighting, we just give them what for and they ended up whimpering like babies, us 1 southerners 0.

Took my mum out for lunch on Saturday, spent all day with her just shopping and stuff. We went to Louisianna at kirkstall and had a load of meat, it was cool. Saw my grandad, he's looking old.

Integrity tshirt arrived.

Other than that there's nothing interesting going on in my life. Lost interest in everything other than computer games and Eastenders. Might try get a girlfriend soon.

Off to see Sage Francis & Nick Cave in september, Mogwai in february and that's about it. Apparently Libertines and Guns n Roses are pulling out of Leeds Fest so they might be replaced by someone half decent.
Current Mood: lethargic

9th August 2010

10:05pm: I really should stop writing this fucking ignorant self absorbed babble
Feeling very very negi today.
I don't know if it's to do with the amount i've drank and smoked this weekend. Despite having two decent nights out, going for a wonderful meal on saturday night, dave returning & seeing him, I'm seeing things through very glum spectacles today.

Leeds fest in just over two weeks. I can't actually wait to get out of my mind. Sad, I know, but that's my life these days. Maybe I need a reason for it not to be.
Current Mood: pissed off

27th July 2010

9:58pm: wagawan popcaaan?
Well the weekend was intense. After saturday night I feel enlightened and a lot looser, which is good.

Had a lovely day in whitby with Aaron and Jem on saturday. Fish & chips, bowling, icecream, arcades + pub. Wonderful. Went round to brads on sunday for a couple of biffs, brews & trashy tv, it was lovely.

Tomorrow my mam goes to India on her own for 10 days, so if anyone wants to come round and get smashed they're welcome to. Gonna have a chat with her tonight about some do's and don'ts. Like, don't leave your purse in the room alone with your weird money grabbing womanizer, and do carry a switch blade on you at all times. Nah just kidding, though i do worry. Went on his facebook the other day, he's got about 60 friends and 50 of them a english women, I don't know wether to laugh or cry.

I miss my facebook. Well i don't, i feel free with out it because I was sick to death of everyone, but I miss having the method of communication with those who are decent. I'll probably reactivate it soon enough. I don't miss it as much as I miss dave though.

Denise is alive and well in eastenders, isn't that good? She better seek vengance on that nutcase vicar.

My dad is in Norway at the moment at a pre season friendly so i've got the dog which is nice, it's good to spend time with her cuz I don't really know how long she's got left and I hate thinking about that.

Parties this weekend, fun fun fun. I'm enjoying this summer, looking forward to leeds fest. As it stands i'm off on my own and not camping. I hate buying tents only to leave them there, and I hate packing them up hungover even more.

21st July 2010

7:53pm: I might move to manchester

20th July 2010

10:49am: Mankind is so unkind, mannn
Eastenders is the only thing worth living for at the minute, life is so so dull.

Dave got in touch on saturday, anyone who's reading this who cares - he's doing well. It was good to hear him full of life and enthusiasm, sounded like he had a proper spring in his step. Everyone he's met has been sound, which he was skeptical about at first but it's all good. apparently he's been sleeping on the roof it's that hot. The set up is good, kids are cool, orphanage is wonderful etc. so isn't that good news. Made my saturday night a lot easier to enjoy knowing he was in a good place. And he's only spent about 30 quid in two weeks haha, so he's probably going to be away a while. He might move on to spain in a couple of weeks.

My mums recent behavior is seriously bordering ASBO. screaming and partying until 3 in the morning in the garden with angela, so annoying. The won't keep the music down, the neighbours hate us and it makes me so uncomfortable, I know I need to move back out, but I need a full time job first, and that will then involve saving up, but by working 9-5 hours it means i'll see more of my mum. Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces but she's so hard to get along with recently. She's off to india next week, fuck knows why, it's monsoon season, but at least i'll have some time in the house alone.

Had a really nice weekend at aarons, and out in leeds on saturday night. Oporto was really good, weird circle of people to be out with, but sterling night nonetheless.

Doesn't look like me and my dad are going to be able to go to new york, he seems to reckon you need a visa and CRB check, which is probably the case. Ah well, at least i don't need to worry about saving money, and I can just carry on spending it on fucking pointless stupid shite. Might go into town later, treat my self to some cds, maybe some nice clothes, sorta fed up of being a bit of a scruff. Speaking of which, i better go check the post box. innabit.

oh, i can't stop listening to Butthole Surfers.

Current Mood: content

14th July 2010

3:37pm: just this.

After watching the devil and daniel johnston i can't stop listening to him. terribly sad though.

12th July 2010

7:44pm: 2010
I wonder what dave is doing.

1st July 2010

3:33pm: So despite me constantly whinging, summer hasn't been too bad so far. Had some good weather, some good hang outs, and some good nights. Things aren't too cracking with my mam, sometimes I think going into hiding for a bit, saving all my money, and moving out of this area would do me the world of good.

but we all know i can't work that hard. Then again, if i wanted something that much, i'd do it.

I clearly don't want anything that much.

Edit: I'm in an odd situation where I can't decide wether arriving at work reminds me or helps me forget how tedious and moronic my life is. And to top it all off, my current pair of jeans that i'm exhausting have holes in the pockets, that's 3 pairs of jeans that I still wear on regular occasions with holes in the pockets. I have a pretty good logic as to why I haven't bought new ones, but i'm not going into that right now.
Current Mood: aggravated

10th June 2010

8:12pm: fucking shite afternoon.

First my dad starts blatting loads of shit about religion and this cosmic shit he believes in, trying to find someone he used to work with who poisoned his fucking mind in the first place. It got to the point where I was shaking him and shouting at him, trying to get it into his head that this is a completely made up situation, and hardly any literature exists on this 'cosmis religion'. He strongly believes that something he can do is going to solve problems in the middle east. Yeah, it'd be cool if it was the case, but it's not is it? It's only a matter of time before he goes off the hook again.

After watching my mum cry and drink herself stupid all week, and telling me shes just stressed with work, i didn't believe her. so earlier i got onto her laptop and found loads of documents and chat logs from her indian friends. From what I can gather she wants to spend the rest of her life with Reev and plans on marrying him at some point in the near future, and this is where it gets interesting; I found a message she'd saved on the computer from someone who found her on facebook, a woman who also knows the bloke shes been seeing for however long. Reev, this bloke who is nearer my age than my mums has proposed to other tourists in the past year. WTF? i imagine it's people that visit the hotel at different times to my mum, but at this stage I don't know much. So I'm in a situation where I can't say mam, give your head a shake, becasuse then she'll know i've been on her computer, or do i just man up and say 'look mam, i've been worried about you so i went on your pc and i saw all this.' I found arguements between them over petty stuff, which they've obviously resolved because she's off to india in july to spend time with him.

I have a right to be skeptical really don't I? I just don't get how she can go from being told this stuff to still believing he's serious about her. It's just fishy. I guess i've never met the guy, and I don't know him, and he does sound like a nice guy. but a nice guy with an ulterior motive?

i'm not been paranoid am i? it is actually sketchy isn't it? you know when you get to the stage where you don't know how paranoid you are... fucking ugh.

none of this EVEN MAKES SEENSE. I'm tired, miserable and lonely and I can't stop dwelling on the past.

8th June 2010

so tomorrow, well today, i'm supposed to be off to see Band of Horses in manchester on my own. I've been telling myself i'm going for months, but hopefully i'll be too hungover to get out of bed because i know i'll cry.

Just having a few beers and a whiskeys, and watching stewart lee. good old stu. always makes me laugh. everythings rubbish at the moment, so rubbish in fact, that i made a blog last week, had two days off work because I wasn't well, which i still feel guilty about, and have spent the past two weekends in wakefield,. what is going on???

Watched some good films recently. Particuly Gummo and A Serious Man. Gummo is so fucking good. To say it's an arty experimental film, it's far from pretencious, and maintains several really fucking interesting abstract storylines, rather than one linear boring piece of shit like most films these days, and it doesn't come accross as pretencious at all, its just good. the soundtrack is probably thr best soundtrack ever too.

Watched Kids last night, didn't like that

Red Dead Redemption changed my life. yeah that's right. a computer game changed my life. i fucking love it. i wanna live on a farm, and heard cattle, and own a winchester rifle, and have a pretty little wife, and a son, and perhaps not have beef with the american army, but the rest is fucking sick. i can't look at animals without thinking about skinning them though.
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