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_haydee_'s Journal

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For a long time my user info has been composed of only this quote:

"Whatever what is is is what I want; only that, but that." ~Galway Kinnell

It is a good quote, but tells you virtually nothing about me except that I think it is a good quote, which is not very interesting. I have decided to elaborate slightly.

This blog is for my own amusement and contains a compilation of anecdotes from my life, my opinion on things, some pictures here and there and the occasional obligatory angsty rant (though I try to limit myself). It is partially friends only. It is my observation that at least five people you know who you think are NOT reading your blog actually ARE and that at least one of them will be someone you wish wasn't. (Sometimes one of those five will even distribute copies of your entries to various prominent members of the Republican party in your state without telling you. This happened to me. But a PUBLIC entry on a blog is PUBLIC, which means that while this was unnerving, it was not actually alarming because I know the definition of PUBLIC. Many people do not. If you post a PUBLIC entry about that hot chick you smooched at the bar last night and your girlfriend finds it, it is your own fault. Use your head next time. In posting, if not at the bar.)

So. Anything that I would not want EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to be able to read is private. My interests, as you know, are listed below if you're curious. I would love to get to know you, though if you add me as a friend, I will not notice. Please leave me a comment. :)
1984, a brave new world, aladdin, alan rickman, anastasia, arabian nights, aragorn, architecture, art, augustine, aurora borealis, beauty and the beast, berets, blue, books, bookstores, broadway, c.s. lewis, caesar, candles, carol of the battousai, catcher in the rye, cats, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate doughnuts, christianity, coffee, coffeeshops, count of monte cristo, crime and punishment, cruises, cyrano de bergerac, czarist russia, dante, dark chocolate, dave barry, delirium, dostoyevsky, douglas adams, dream, driving, egypt, england, epic, epictetus, eternal sunshine, euripides, fantasia, frappuccinos, gaudi, god, hagia sophia, harry potter, history, hitchhiker's guide, interior design, jane eyre, jelly bellies, josh groban, journals, latin, les mis, les miserables, letters, lord of the rings, mary poppins, mendelssohn, mochas, music, myst, mythology, narnia, neil gaimon, oboes, ocean, old books, orthodoxy, papizan chairs, paris, pastels, penguins, peter pan, phantom of the opera, philosophy, piano, poe, poetry, pt's, reading, riven, sagrada familia, sandman, scheherazade, scrapbooking, signs, silmarillion, singing, sleeping, snail mail, snow, sophocles, spring, star wars, stars, strawberry lip gloss, swimming, t.s. eliot, the mask of zorro, the matrix, the messiah, the neverending story, the northern lights, the odyssey, the prayer, the prince of egypt, the wasteland, tolkien, toothpastefordinner, trans-siberian orchestra, travel, truman show, truth, west wing, wicked, wrapping paper, x-men