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Andrea aka Andi

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takin a break. [09 Mar 2004|03:58pm]
im goin to pheonix with my parents this weekend. visitin the uncle, aunt, and cousin i havent seen in like 5 years. maybe it will be fun or somethin.

on the other hand i think i need to take a break from lj and readin everyones journal and voting in rating communities. my life has just been a lot of stress lately. stuff with my parents is still bad and tyler and i just got in a fight. over the dumbest thing, a new girl at the school. he thinks shes hot said it right in front of me and i just thought it was real uncaled for. alysa and i have been distant latley. i miss my best friend. im hopin goin to pheonix will b a little break.

haha i heard ppl r going around saying im fake. whatever. just another thing piled onto my life which i REALLLLLY dont need because its the dumbest thing ive heard.


if u want my email to k.i.t. until i decide to come back comment and leme know. thanx to everyone whos given me support.
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i duno know nemore. [01 Mar 2004|05:43pm]
things have been a lil rough lately. i dont even know how to explain it. both at home and with ppl in general.

i dont know how to say this w/o completely soundin stuck up. hmmmmm... but everyone thinks money makes their lives perfect and so much better. it does but it doesnt. sure my sister and i have had many advantages throughout our childhood n stuff than lots of other kids. and im thankful for that. it can just be overwhelming. i mean the rich bitch events, being forced by mom and dad to go to hundred-thousand $$ a month dance classes just because its what "wealthy kids do", being forced to enrol in private school til i absolutely refused. it just sucks sometimes. so why do i bring this up. my parents gave me a huuugeee speel tonite on how i should've never quit dance. and all the other parents of kids who did it with me "talked" about it after i left and it made my "family" look bad. and how i should've stuck with "private" school because Stanford would like it more. shit what if i hated dance and what if i dont wana go to stanford. fuck.

im so sick of it all. and im sick of people at school talkin about me like im just a snob who drives a nice car and shops all the time. and im sick of my friends and how i could hang out with people like them when they say "there just jealous because we have more money than them". no, there not jealous, what they say is true i am just a kid of a rich family who gets whatever she wants and hang out with other stuck up girls who flaunt there wealth. a nice car. all the money whenever i need it. its bad. i want to do things for myself. i dont want to depend on my parents after i move out.

im confused. i think i need to just get away from this place for a while. once youve lived here for years it becomes a sickening place of competition. whos richer than who. i wonder sometimes what its like to be normal. but after being brought up the way i have i dont know if i could handel it.............................

sorry for the long entery.
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can u guess which u are ? [23 Feb 2004|12:48pm]
I took this from


Pick ANY 20 LJ users on your friends list (i chose to only do 10), Without revealing their names say something about (or to) each one of them. Never reaveal who is what.

1. this is for a group of journals on lj. some of them are on my list, some of them arent. i think that if more people (aside from everyone u know personally) knew about ur journal, esp. all the girl on lj that think theyr the hottest thing ever - i think they'd be really jealous of you all. you all are like in middle school but you'd pass for at least 16. you're all all very very pretty, wear only the best clothes, and all have millions of friends.. its probably because all ur familys are very wealthy but still. i love lookin at all ur pix. u guys look like u have so much fun. i wish i wouldve been as cool as u kids back when i were ur age!

2. you put other people down alot for whatever reason. your pretty but you seem to think your so much prettier than everyone else. you seem to have a great life but there are some times when you complain and act like its the end of the world with some stuff and it seems like its all for attention. and your a really bad commenter.

3. your a funny kid. you seem to be very laid back and blunt about things. you seem like someone i'd hang out with and we could just chill and it'd be all cool :)

4. i think your like an undiscovered beauty on lj. i think you are absolutely gorgeous. you and all your friends that ive seen pictures of. and i <3 love your style. your gorgeous, you have gorgeous friends, amazing style - annnddd your not even concieted !

5. i dont read your journal much. i dont know why i added you. you never say you think your so great but it can be applied since you always talk about how hot all your past boyfriends were. i dont know what it is about you, reading your journal just really annoys me.

6. i think that you are so pretty for your age and the good thing is that you seem so nice and you arent into yourself at all. seems that you like to take pictures but its good that they arent always of you like some people on lj. you always make your journal enteries fun to read.

7. your journal is so depressing to read. i dont even know why i havent taken you off my friends list. all you do is talk about how you hate this or that about your life. you seem like you have a lot of problems and hate a lot of people. sounds liek you have a lot of material things but that ur not happy as a person. get help. you sound psycho most of the time.

8. you seem like one of the nicest people on my friends list. i think your so pretty and you have a smile that could light up a room. your journal is always nice to read because it actually has some substance.

9. for whatever reason you think your so hot and that you are so cool. i dont think your even pretty at all. all your journal enteries sound like there from a 10 year old that thinks they like so cool. and you sound like a real ho-bag. i think people who comment in your lj agree with you on when u call urself hot because they dont want to make you feel bad. but take my word for it - you definately arent hot. and from what ive seen your friends are pretty gross looking to.

10. your fake. i know it. more people know it now. you dont need to try and cover up your lies. even if it was you, you wear way to much makeup and your piercing makes you look very trashy.

i'll probably tell u if ur on here and u really wanna know. but i most likely wont tell you which one. gota keep some things a secret!!
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[15 Feb 2004|09:55pm]
havent updated in FORever!!!!!! a lota stuff has happand tho.
* valentines was great tyler got me this necklace from tiffanys (i'll post the pix later)
* i put in my 2 weeks notice to quit my job at hollister
* the trip to vail was sooo fun
* im goin to hawaii for spring break!!
* my friend bryce got a hummer and that thing is sooo fun to drive
no school tomorrow!!!!! i think im gona go shopping up to the Fred Segal either on melrose in west hollywood or the one near the promenade in santa monica:):) i <3 fred segal i'll be sure to post pix of what i pick up
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the list : [25 Jan 2004|10:09pm]
will these people take me off their friends lists because you never comment in my journal, i dont visit your journal alot because you dont update or i just dont find it interesting, you added me and never told me so i have no clue who you are. kthnx.

</a></b></a>_sweetzcakes,</a></b></a>af_surf, </a></b></a>blind_n_unkind, </a></b></a>charmgirlie,</a></b></a>insertlamename, </a></b></a>jonnyrock, </a></b></a>lowereastside, </a></b></a>meowmiix, </a></b></a>paedophile, </a></b></a>puresugar1305, </a></b></a>roxykissez, </a></b></a>sugarxo, </a></b></a>x_hello_kitty_x, </a></b></a>xbabygurlx426, </a></b></a>x0x_obsession, </a></b></a>xlostxhope03x, </a></b></a>xsavexyourxdayx,
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expect a friends cut [24 Jan 2004|07:44pm]
i dont know why people ask to be added when they never comment. i dont know who i'm going to be taking off my list yet. but expect a list of the lj names in my next post. just thought i'd tell ya. seems like the only time people comment is when i dont set my journal to friends and just post publicly. people who arent on my list post more than people who are. so yeah. neways bye.
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new clothes!!!! [12 Jan 2004|06:30pm]
hey figured i should update. this past weekend was alright i worked, i shopped and hung out with friends and tyler!

shoppin- i didnt buy to much but still managed to spend a couple hundred. i bought 5 things from c&c california [im gettin to <3 that place more and more evertime i buy somethin there stuff is SO cute and simple] and i got a skirt from frankie b since it was onsale. heres what i got :

c&c extra long sleeve ballet shirt $52

c&c deep v tee $55

c&c banded ballet shirt $50

c&c 3/4 sleeve shirt $48

c&c criss cross tank to layer under the white shirt! $42

frankie b. cargo zip miniskirt $78 [it was regular 108!!!!!]

im happy with what i got:) ya for shoppin!
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hey [05 Jan 2004|09:25pm]
havent updated in a while. school was pretty normal today. everyone showin off their new stuff from Christmas n stuff. not a surprise. it wasnt that bad of a day since teachers werent that hard on us.

tyler got a new car for Christmas but he didnt tell me because he wanted me to be in shock when he rolled up to school this mornin. i was kind of upset that he didnt tell me and wondered why. but its not that big of a deal to get mad over i guess. i like it. its a BMW M3. it reminds me of my sisters except instead of silver its white w/an all white interior and of course more tricked out since hes a guy n all.

speakin of my sis she emailed me a pic of her and a friend on new years eve. i forget what filed i saved it on and have to get offline tho so i'll post it tomorrow!
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2004 :) :) [01 Jan 2004|01:18pm]
last night was great!!!!!!!!!!!!! the party i went to with my/ 'rents wasnt that great but i got to wear the Valentino dress. i loved it. looked great.

to the good stuff, danielle's party was awesome ! i didnt get there til like 10 cuz i had to go home get re-ready and drive all the way up there. u know l.a. traffic. sux ! there were like 200 people there it was nuts. i didnt know like half of them because i dont live up there of course but everyone was really nice. i didnt get drunk. yay me. i had a couple of smirnoffs but i just didnt wana get drunk. i ended up stayin the nite cuz i didnt wana drive back home. i just got home a little while ago. but yah it was real fun.

today i think i'm gona chill here at home proly call a few people to come over. i dont feel like going out today i'm soooo tired. hope everyone have fun last nite!
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2004 here i come :) [30 Dec 2003|05:00pm]
i got new years eve figured out. im gona go to that snob party with my 'rents til 8 [it starts @ 5] and then drive back home and get ready to go up to danielles for her party. i kinda dont wana drive all the way up to her house [she lives in palos verdes estates] since she lives up there on the pennisula but o well i havent seen the girl in a long ass time. tyler is goin to a friends party here then hes gona meet me up @ danielles.

should b fun after the rich bitch party that is. danielle and i used to be tight when i lived up there. we were like bff through elementary school. her parents will be @ some party down in san diego to so shell have the house all weekend. u know what that means. tons of drinks and luv makin [lols] :) she has a pool indoor to so thatll be fun. what r everyone elses plans?
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Merry Christmas [25 Dec 2003|11:34pm]
i had a great Christmas. how was everybody elses ? i got a lot of new clothes - not like i need them or nething though. and my dad got me this gorgeous necklace from Tiffany's, i absolutely <3 it. it's kind of like the old one that i cant find anymore. my mom got this amazing Valentino dress to wear to the new years eve party. my sister and i just got each other a lot of clothes from Miss Sixty which is a very cute store, if you havent been there you should def go !!! and we got each other a lot of products from sephora too <3 <3. it was awesome to have her home from college... even though shes just up at UCLA lols.

got calls from like each of my friends today. they're sweet. i guess they all liked the presents i got them. i mostly got my not-as-close friends a $50 gift cert from abercrombie and hollister, because that was easy since my sis and i are employed there lols. and i got my closer friends expensive hand bands filled with either stuff from sephora or a gift cert. to somewhere. and they all got me some adorable things also. i hope every1 had a good Christmas :)
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hey people :) [22 Dec 2003|05:14pm]
i'm new to livejournal. i'd like to meet new people but also keep this thing kinda private. that means friends only :p !! comment and add me and i'll add you !!
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