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23 January
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I gave up on Dallas a long time ago, yeah but here I go...


business cards

Today we salute you Mr. John Kerry voter. While others are at the polls making informed decisions about their candidates, you are relying on Michael Moore for political advice. Yes. No. Maybe. The only thing we know for sure about Kerry is his three Purple Hearts. Sure George W. isn't the most articulate public speaker, but he's not scared of a football. So crack open an ice cold Bud Light Democratic Douchebag, because the Republicans have four more years!

I feel sorry for the next girl in line,
Oh she ain't got a chance in Hell...
...yeah I've learned my lesson well
I'm not loving anymore.




I'm a hard man to love.

Yeah and hold me, and help me understand,
Why on Earth I have to be such a stupid man?
Live the way I do, dream the dreams I dream.
So far away from you,
Yeah, hold me.

I'm the poster child for political incorrectness. Yes I am.

I'm tired of staring at this ocean full of Heineken-drinkin' Yankee mother-scratchers.

This is my road; I take the corners fast as I can go.

What's he got, that I don't? He's got you.

I was born a sinner, but my mama thinks I'm a saint.

Mama got a job, and she tried real hard
She had two of us kids, and a trashed-out car.
Yeah but me and my brother, we seemed to get along just fine.
Oh yeah and you know the highway,
It's like a river, keeps rollin' on.
And you know it's my way,
Well I was born to sing my songs.


Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.


I guess we all got our reasons.


Don't try to find and make the time.
A couple of
joints and a bottle of wine,
You'll be glad that you did.


These poor lips could sure use a sip of that tall, tall drink of water.

carouselwithin and ryanz, my best friends. Love you guys.

Yeah, I'm a Hell-bent, 100%, Texan 'til I die.


I'd rather be in Texas on my own.


And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your ass.


Eric Lee Newton aka MookMook

But you know him as:
Founder of the Breast Fed Society; Knower of every street and shortcut in TC


Ryan Bernard Connell aka Ryanz

But you now him as:
Loader of Trucks; Resident Asian; the definition of "cool"


Rachel Kay MacElvaine aka Oklahoma

But you know her as:
Returning starter who will be looking to hold onto her position as the team's top right-side hitter this season . . . Has made impressive improvement the past two years and is a big, physical presence on the court . . . Hard-hitting junior and a solid blocker at the net who is also a top-notch setter, able to get the ball in position from virtually anywhere on the court . . . Can attack the ball from awkward positions and has gained great confidence in her abilities with the experience gained during her career . . . Hard-worker who the Bronchos know they can count on. from www.bronchosports.com


Cristina Reid

But you know her as:
Worker of Dave&Busters; Younger sister of Cassie



But you know her as:
Cleaner of teeth; dater of Ryan


Cody Ray

But you know him as:
Crazy, always makes you laugh, music maker, Bush disliker, former love interest of Oklahoma

& the musical genious behind the project that is:

Uncle Hashbrown and The Baked Potatoes:

>>>>>>unfortunately, we're short one spud short here, one mr. cire 3ll notwen :(<<<<<<


dave HE'S ALL THE RAVE alderbie





The Weasel


My lil brother

Claim to Fame:6th-best middle school trumpet player in the State of Texas.
I love him, he's kin and all, but remember: You can't spell cocksucker with out OU.


See more crazy retarded-ass (and OLD) pictures here: http://community.webshots.com/user/bytheradio

****** N O W + P L A Y I N G **************

Pat Green - Dancehall Dreamer*
Pat Green - George's Bar*
Pat Green - Carry On*
Pat Green - Here We Go* (MIA!)
Pat Green - Live at Billy Bob's Texas*
Pat Green & Cory Morrow - Songs We Wish We'd Written*
Pat Green - Three Days*
Pat Green - Wave on Wave*
Pat Green - Lucky Ones*
Kevin Fowler - High on the Hog*
Kevin Fowler - Beer, Bait, & Ammo*
Kevin Fowler - Live at Billy Bob's Texas*
Kevin Fowler - Loose, Loud, & Crazy*
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Carney*
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Live & Loud at The Wormy Dog Saloon*
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Cross Canadian Ragweed ("Purple")*
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Highway 377*
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Soul Gravy*
Wade Bowen & West 84 - Just for Fun*
Wade Bowen & West 84 - Try Not to Listen*
Wade Bowen & West 84 - The Bluelight Live*
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Jerry Jeff Walker - Ultimate Collection*
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Cooder Graw - Wake Up*
Roger Creager - Live Across Texas*
Jack Ingram - Live at Billy Bob's Texas*
Blue Edmondson - Southland*
Texas Road Trip - Compilation+
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David Allan Coe - 16 Essential Hits+
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Gary Allan - See if I Care+
Derryl Dodd - Stronger Proof+
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Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color#
Lonestar - From There to Here: Greatest Hits#
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Kenny Chesney - When the Sun Goes Down#
Garth Brooks - Double Live#
George Strait - 50 Number Ones#
Toby Keith - Greatest Hits Volume One#+
Toby Keith - Greatest Hits Volume Two#+
Little Texas - Greatest Hits#
Alan Jackson - Greatest Hits Volume II#
Austin Lounge Lizards - Strange Noises in the Dark-?
Old Time Banjo Favorites - Compilation-?
Kid Rock - Devil Without a Cause+
Kid Rock - Kid Rock+
Kid Rock - Cocky+
Waylon Jennings - The Ultimate Waylon Jennings+
Willie Nelson - The Essential Willie Nelson+
Chris LeDoux - 20 Greatest Hits+

* - My Texas Country Collection (Oklahoma-based bands included. It's just a certain sound. Some damn good shit, y'all.)
+ - My Just Damn Good Music Collection
# - My Popular Country Collection
? - My Why The Fuck Did I Buy This Collection





Denton County, Texas
Jail ID 317071
Constable - Pct. 6
Confined 07/18/2003 03:45pm
Released 07/19/2003 08:42am

Brock, Chris Calvin
XXXX Reed Dr.
The Colony,Tx
White Male 6'1 155 01/23/1984
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
DL# TX-23456789
SO# 120717

Brock, Chris
Cause Charge
Issuing Authority Disposition Bond Fine
HC03-155J6 Issuance of Bad Check
DENTON JP6 07/18/2003 - Held

...Lord once again, here I go.

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