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While i run my own INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH clubnight, the longest running Industrial/Underground Electronic night in North America, i also play a variety of other styles, catering to a different crowd. And since this year marks my 20th year DJing, it's safe to assume i have a 'few' sets of music :) This setlist is from a guest spot at ReVamp in Ottawa, and the theme for the night was Gothic/Underground Retro. I cracked out my old vinyl and here's the result:

DJ leslie Underground Retro/Goth set played @ ReVamp Sun. Jan. 27

ARTIST - track - Album
* = request S/T = self-titled

DELERIUM - tundra - Stone Tower
BIOSPHERE - poa alpina - Substrata
RAPOON - not the time - Tin of Drum
STOA - taumel - Urthona
NEW ORDER - elegia - Low-Life
COCTEAU TWINS - ivo - Treasure
MALCOLM MCLAREN - madame butterfly - 12"
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - ornaments of gold - Peepshow
PETER MURPHY - cuts you up - Deep
LOVE & ROCKETS - light - 12"
SISTERS OF MERCY - dominion - 12"
U2 - drowning man - War
THIS MORTAL COIL - kangaroo - It'll End In Tears
JESUS & MARY CHAIN - just like honey - 12"
DEPECHE MODE - fly on the windscreen [death remix] - 12" b-side
THE ARCH - babsi ist tot - 12"
NEON JUDGEMENT - miss brown - 12"
CHRIS & COSEY - trust - Trust
STOA - infant joy - Heavenly Voices #1 [comp]
TRIAL OF THE BOW - the two sacred tapestries of persia - Ornamentation [ep]
THE CURE - same deep water as you - Disintegration
THRIVE - whisper your name - S/T
KILLING JOKE - love like blood - 12"
SIMPLE MINDS - love song - Sons & Fascination
*ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - killing moon - Songs to Learn & Sing
MODERN ENGLISH - i melt with you - Mesh & Lace
ICICLE WORKS - whisper to a scream - S/T
THE CREATURES - standing there - Boomerang
MY BLOODY VALENTINE - only shallow - Loveless
JESUS & MARY CHAIN - reverence - Honey's Dead
LORDS OF ACID - crablouse [roli's the body is your destiny rmx] - 12"
SHEEP ON DRUGS - motorbike [remix] - 12"
THRILL KILL KULT - days of swine & roses [kmfdm rmx] - 12"
242 - quite unusual - 12"
SKINNY PUPPY - harsh stone white - 12" [b-side]
C CAT TRANCE - shake the mind - 12"
AIMLESS DEVICE - hyena - 12" [ep]
SISTERS OF MERCY - more - 12"
ALIEN SEX FIEND - i walk the line - All Our Yesterdays
NEON JUDGEMENT - chinese black - 12"
THE CRAMPS - can your pussy do the dog? - 12"
SHRIEKBACK - nemesis - My Spine [Is The Bassline]
SMITHS - girlfriend in a coma - Strangeways, Here We Come
PETER SHILLING - major tom [german vocals] - 12"
PSYCHEDELIC FURS - love my way - Forever Now
XORCIST - scorched blood [torch mix] - [ep]
DEPECHE MODE - halo - Violator
LOVE & ROCKETS - haunted [when the minutes drag] - Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
BAUHAUS - she's in parties - 12"
*JOY DIVISION - dead souls - Still
PETER MURPHY - strange kind of love - [single]
COCTEAU TWINS - blue bell knoll - Blue Bell Knoll
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - cities in dust [extended mix] - 12"
TONES ON TAIL - go! - 12"
LAIBACH - final countdown - [single]
242 - in rhythmus bleiben - 242 Live Code
PTP - rubber glove seduction - 12"
NIN - get down make love - 10" [b-side]
CONSOLIDATED w/YEASTIE GIRLS - you suck [jack dangers mix] - Warning: Explicit Lyrics
KMFDM - more and faster - 12"
*1000 HOMO DJS - supernaut - [single]
PEACE LOVE & PITBULLS - reverberation nation [accelerating bank account mix] - [single]
MINISTRY w/OHGR - smothered hope [live] - 12" [b-side]
POP WILL EAT ITSELF - wise up sucker - This is the Day...This is the Hour...This is This
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - helter skelter - 99%
COIL - windowpane - 12"
ORB - little fluffy clouds - [single]
BONEY M - rasputin - Night Flight to Venus [heheheheh i couldn't resist]

-DJ leslie.
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Early Show Tomorrow! (Where Early == Awesome)

DJ? Acucrack Acumen Nation Liar's Rosebush Ad-ver-sary - 4 bands playing LIVE plus 3 DJs plus 3 local Artists = ALL playing TOMORROW, Sunday April 29th @ Mavericks [221 Rideau St.]!

only $12 at the doors, we're opening at 6pm and the event goes until 3am so it's a FULL DAY of LIVE music featuring a variety of styles, from tribal and mash-up breaks to guitar-driven industrial and hard-hitting d'n'b, from dark electro to industrialized techno and everything else in between!

4 LIVE BANDS:Collapse )

3 DJs:Collapse )

The event will ALSO feature displays of works from local underground artists so come out, this is something NOT to be missed!!

3 LOCAL ARTISTS:Collapse )

AND on top of all of this, we will have merch for sale from both the Chicago and local bands as well as courtesy of HARSH_REALITY_PRODUCTIONS...if you remember we announced we had just had released a new compilation on Glitchmode Recordings: "ohes noes!!!! it's teh h0rd3z ov thee el33t!", and we had had problems with shipping, border crossing etc...well, WAIT NO MORE, the the album you've been waiting for will also FINALLY be available for sale at this event for the first time in Canada!!!
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tipsy DJ

new Cyanotic remix up for download!

Finally, as promised, we've stopped our fine-tuning knob-twiddling nit-picking and are calling our INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH remix of Cyanotic's track Deface done! It will be released on the label GlitchMode Recordings which, in case you've missed it, is a great indie lable out of Chicago started by Sean from Cyanotic and now co-managed by us! And yes, we are STILL waiting on the CDs to get shipped over the border; i believe they were even returned to Chicago and had to be re-shipped, so we play the border crossing waiting game,'s been madness, but we have some fantastic compilations [and another i just have to finish a DJ mix of and it'll be released] and will have the 2CD Cyanotic 'Transhuman 2.0' shortly as well...for now though...

help yourself: Deface - INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH remix by Ad-ver-sary & dirtybunny

Sean from Cyanotic had wanted something a little 'clubbier' than the original, so that's what we were aiming for...and yes, i've begun to use dirtybunny for work that's beyond my DJing, which of course where i'll perpetually be DJ leslie...the price you pay for starting to DJ in 1988, before cool DJ names, is getting stuck with a name like leslie; YAR! not terribly INDUSTRIAL to say the least :)

i've done lots of work previously with bands on their tracks and albums; everything from general suggestions to in-depth studio production, but this is the first time i've had control over something i was working on from beginning to end, and wasn't aiming to bring someone else's vision the past, the idea was to help bring the bands' sound out, to help them get the best out of their sound, their musical ideas, whereas this was much different...anyhow, it was good practice as, like i mentioned briefly before, i have decided to begin work on my own album, and yes it will be as dirtybunny for this and other remix/non-DJ work...hope you like the remix!

-DJ leslie
aka dirtybunny
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dual CD release TONIGHT @ Zaphod's!!!

TONIGHT @ Zaphod's DJ leslie's INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH Tuesdays will be hosting a dual CD release party, showcasing new albums by both NIN and Stendeck. Doors open early [8pm] for the listening party, as it's your chance to hear large, uninterrupted sets from each album. This is a unique opportunity to hear both one of electronic musics' most anticipated albums of this year, and indulge yourself in one of electronic musics' newest hidden jems. For the curious i've posted ~30 second samples from each one of Stendeck's new tracks, and more of his music is available via his myspace profile.

Many of you will remember Stendeck's debut performance here @ Zaphod's, almost a year ago to the day; a lush, moving initiation to one of Switzerland's best kept secrets. I felt both artists' styles, while different, are quite complimentary, as i feel anyone who is a fan of NIN's incredibly rich release The Fragile will find a similar, warmly distorted, melancholic thread throughout Stendeck's work as well.

So COME EARLY, don't miss your chance to come lose yourself in both albums, win some great prizes and pick up some fantastic new music!

NO cover!

-including CDs, DVDs, stickers, posters, as well as Stendeck CDs for sale thanks to Geska Records!!!

North America's longest running Industrial & Underground Electronic clubnight
@ Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York St., Ottawa
never any cover unless there are bands...

...30 second samples from each of Stendeck's 17 new tracks!Collapse )
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DJ leslie Playlist - INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Jan. 23 - Zaphod's

This week the weather slowed me down getting in to the club, so i'm short about 30 minutes or more from my usual may not seem like much, but even 6 more tracks can make a difference; i didn't get to build up my set from dark ambient upwards like i usually do but a few people asked for the playlist Tuesday night, and since i suck at posting them anyhow, apologies but at least here's this one even short a few tracks... :)

DJ leslie's INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH every Tuesday @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
Ottawa, Canada - from 9pm[ish]-2:30am - no cover, no code, no attitude

* = request, ** = special occasion/request,
+ = local project, S/T = self-titled

ARTIST - track - Album

SCORN - dreamspace - Evanescence
MIMETIC DATA - destructive - Sensitive
+ENCEPHALON - teenage hitman - Modern Destruction 1.1 [Glitchmode comp]
OIL 10 - synchro 4 all - Beyond
DJ? ACUCRACK - send more paramedics - Modern Destruction 1.1 [Glitchmode comp]
VENETIAN SNARES - szamar madar - Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - america [numb 'manifest destiny remix] - En-CO-D-eSPLENDOR [Japanese ultra-limited import remix album]
SUICIDE INSIDE - blind devil - Learn To Swallow
ASCHE - finnished [remix] - Distorted DJ [2cd]
POLYGON WINDOW - quoth [wooden thump mix] - Quoth [Single]
ZOMBIE GIRL - bleeder - Back From The Dead
C/A/T - smashed v.2 - ATF [EP]
*VAC - fun w/drugs - Fun w/Knives
HOCICO - untold blasphemies [gate mix] - Untold Blasphemies [Single]
*CUBANATE - kill or cure - Antimatter
*PIGFACE vs DJ? ACUCRACK - bitch [own your own edsel mix] - Crackhead
RITALIN [RX] - ky re:amin - Bedside Toxicology
SPEEDY J - actor nine - A Shocking Hobby
UNTER NULL - the clock is ticking [terrorfakt remix] - Fuck [HIVE 2cd comp]
*COMBICHRIST - this shit will fuck you up - Everybody Hates You
HYSTERESIS - noadrenaline - Angst [spectre 2cd comp]
ANHUSSE - aut haus - Escape From Earth [Cracknation comp]
FEATURE - join the living - Independent Music Compilation #2 [Belgium]
:WUMPSCUT: - your last salute [laittog remix] - Bone Peeler [2cd]
OHGR - lusid - Welt
16 VOLT - and you are all alone again - Escape From Earth [Cracknation comp]
*ASHTRAYHEAD - home movies - S/T
CUBANATE - barbarossa - Barbarossa
**UNDERWORLD - rez/cowgirl [Live] - Everything, Everything
FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY - the storm - Artifical Soldier
THIS MORN' OMINA - the world tree [ccf] - Au Dela de Tous Des Degres [3" cd]
XINGU HILL - technicolour - Fiction
SNOG - cliche [snog vs q-control] - Cliche [Australian extended remix EP]
MOCTAN - good fellas - Suspect
*COMBICHRIST - blut royale - Everybody Hates You
**INFECTED MUSHROOM - dracul [edit] - Classical Mushroom
ESA - satan is real - Devotion, Discipline and Denial
SABOTAGE - reliable - Concrete
DEATHRIDE 69 - screaming down the gravity well - Screaming Down the Gravity Well
CHEMLAB - black light angel - Escape From Earth [Cracknation comp]
16 VOLT VS CYANOTIC - american porn song [glitch bitch remix] - Ohes Noes!!11 it's teh H0rd3s ov thee El33t! [Glitchmode comp] (and yes i'm the one to blame the retardedness of the title of this comp on...)
+MERLIN - elevator down - Viddy Well Little Brother
CAGE DECAY - insect child [extended club remix] - Belfast
THIS MORN' OMINA - one eyed man - 7 Years of Famine
+ISZOLOSCOPE - seasonal identity crisis disco - The Other Side [Geska comp]
+VERGE - welcome to oblivion - The Great White Noise [Departure comp]
*OHGR - cracker - Welt
*NUMB - blood [crash & burn edit] - Electropolis Vol. 1 [Metropolis comp]
*DOWNLOAD - glassblower [mix] - Sidewinder [Single]
PIGFACE vs DJ? ACUCRACK - insect/suspect [suck a loop just for funk mix] - Crackhead
NEW MIND - badhead girl - Zero to the Bone
GRIDLOCK - retina [individual totem remix] - Quadrophobia [Pendragon comp]
SKINNY PUPPY - love in vein [neotropic remix] - Remix Dystemper
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN - the garden - Ende Neu

Due to a frustrating fuck-up with the mastering, we will be [re]pressing Modern Destrucion 1.1 [and i also have to finish arranging the tracks and mixing them together as a long DJ mix so it can be played continually as well as separately for club play] as well as one or 2 others that we've had ready to release but lost all the money on the originals since the sound is fux0red [so if you've downloaded it and think 'wow this sounds wrong' no worries, they were not formally released]...SO for all the people asking to purchase these new Glitchmode releases, the answer is SOON i promise, we just had to recoup. our original losses then pay to get them re-pressed.

-DJ leslie
Harsh Reality Productions
Glitchmode Recordings
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i'll be updating darkottawa daily with decorating plans and whatnot....anyone who can help volunteer to decorate for this year's event, please please please let us know!
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Halloweenie Needs!

OK so we've had our first meeting with our initial Halloween crew [more are encouraged to join of us! one of us!] and since we're lucky enough for Halloween to fall on our INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH Tuesday this year, the idea/theme is:

Halloween = Xmas for Freaks

we have enfertesherz working on our skeletal reindeer [we need to name them all though, in the spirit of the season] and innoxia working on garlands'o'intestines for the Halloween tree...however we still have a bunch of work to do to create the Halloween tree [trunk, branches], hanged man skeleton & noose, lots of paper mache [bats, skulls etc.] and of course we will need a good team of cobwebbers & tinsel hangers.

meeting at Zaphod's Tues. 24th from 8:30pm for deco crew for planning and anyone else who wants to help/drop off stuff

we have a list of what we need [which some people may be able to donate] and what we assume we'll most likely have to buy:

stuff we need/you may be able to donate?Collapse )

stuff we'll probably have to buyCollapse )

we'll be modifying the list as we go on, so check back here if you're working with us or if you have ideas for decorations, things to donate etc...keep in mind the club will pay for decorations they can use for their party which is on the weekend [we usually fall before the 31st so it's not usually a concern...] so it's before the Tuesday, which means we need to get a lot of this up for the weekend...the bar has bands in Thursday evening, so i'd like to start decorating all day Wednesday, as well as daytime Thursday...we can get in early if anyone wants to come decorate during the day Wednesday and Thursday with us, just please let us know so we can make arrangements! Thanks again to everyone helping out...without you guys our yearly Halloween parties would be non-events...

Aside from DJ leslie's usual treats of new, underground tracks, we're fortunate enough to have the live band ENCEPHALON gracing the stage that night!!! There will also be a Bad Goth Poetry Slam [we just need to confirm details with its loverly hostesses], candy handed out by Satan and Mrs. Claws [we need to confirm who our eville duo will be a.s.a.p.!], prizes for costumes and more!

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(no subject)

Tonight at Zaphods, we'll be featuring tracks from Hordes of the Elite, a new compilation we're releasing via our partner record label, Glitch Mode. Copies should be available in town soon, and we'll be accepting PayPal orders within the week. This comp features new tracks from 16 Volt, Cyanotic, Carbon 12, and a number of lesser-known, extremely taltented acts; the producer of the recent Fear Factory albums has a track on this, as well Left Spine Down, who provide live guitars/drums for Front Line Assembly's live show (and is produced by Chris Peterson).

Five tracks in particular we are featuring this evening off of this album are:

Sindaddy vs Drukore - Panties (in a bunch mix)
Carbon 12 - Worthless
16 Volt vs Cyanotic - American Porn Song (glitch bitch mix v1.0)
Left Spine Down - Hang Up
Rabbit Junk - Industrial is Dead (demo)

As a sneak preview, we're including for download that last track. It's from Rabbit Junk, which is a new project from the artist behind The Shizit, an Atari Teenage Riot-esque act which opened for Alec Empire on tour. Rabbit Junk didn't get signed to DHR [Digital Hardcore Recordings] because they were 'too light', so we're putting them out...male and female vocals, a combination of industrial, coldwave, heavy distorted d'n'b plus some punk rawk flavour...seriously, how can you go wrong?

Rabbit Junk - Industrial is Dead (Demo)

lyricsCollapse )

ReGen Magazine recently reviewed our compilation:

For all those people who feel that the true spirit of industrial music is dead and that there is no exploration or progress in the sound, Hordes of the Elite will prove them wrong, providing a virulent assortment of today's best and brightest. Beware of the Glitch Mode Squad, for as the intro track so accurately and shamelessly states, "This shit will fuck you up!"

We're also going to be featuring a number of tracks from Cracknation's new comp, Escape from Planet Earth, which we're bringing into town for sale soon:

Acumen Nation - Black Son Hole
16 Volt - And You Are All Alone Again
Ahnusse - Aut Haus
Chemlab - Black Light Angel

Finally, in addition to the tracks from these compilations, we have Push the Needle and Damage Done from Insekt's new album Teenmachine, and Smashed 2.0 from C/A/T's ATF, which we've been playing over the past few weeks. (It's the one with all the samples from Family Guy and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas about being drunk).

We hope you enjoy the tracks, and we hope to see you tonight!

(no subject)

The limited edition Dog Tags are in, for the lucky 100 who managed to get their names on the list. If you'd like to pick yours up tonight, come to Zaphods anytime after 6PM, and make sure to bring your paper ticket.

Bride of Dark Carnival [Dark Carnival 6]

Bride of Dark Carnival Festival [Dark Carnival 6] June 26-27, Ottawa, Canada

In the spirit of Dark Carnival, we will be showcasing a variety of local artists, performers, and creative workers of all kinds. While we have a plethora of local artists and performers already confirmed, there's always room for more. We're looking to finalize the list of people who will be participating and/or showcasing their work, so if you or anyone you know would like to be involved, please contact us.

Monday and Tuesday, June 19 & 20th, at 6PM at Zaphods will be a meeting for anybody participating as an artist in THE BRIDE OF DARK CARNIVAL, as well as anyone working on the festival in any capacity who'd like to attend. If you're unable to make these meetings, please leave us a note here letting us know what days/times would be best, and we'll schedule another accordingly.

As before, we're looking to work both with people who would like to perform/create live as part of the event, and people who would like to display or distribute their art. We're all very excited about being able to put this event together for the Ottawa crowd, and we hope you'll join us there in one capacity or another.

June 26 - Barrymore's

LIVE Musical Performances by:

June 27 - Zaphod Beeblebrox

LIVE Musical Performances by:

Day 1 - $25
2-day Pass - $35
Day 2 - $15

Our first 100 limited edition 2 day passes have had customized/personalized dogtags ordered for those who got their orders in on time, and we will distribute them to you on your way in to Barrymore's, so keep your tickets handy.

The following is a list of arts and artists who will be performing in addition to our musical guests, however if you are interested in participating in any artistic capacity there's still time; contact us as we're always looking for more artists to showcase:

- Bellydancing
- Capoeira
- Graphic Novel / Comic Book Deconstruction
- VJing (Athanore from Montreal)
- Tattooing
- Body Piercing
- Other Body Modification and Suspension
- Firebreathing
- Fire Poi Spinning
- Fetish
- Acrobatics
- Performance Art
- Robotic Artistry
- Mechanical / Found Object / Doll Part Sculpture
- Tarot Reading [just added!!]
- Indie/Underground Fasion Designer Booth [just added!!]
- Henna Body Art [just added!!]

and the list continues to grow!

Tickets for Bride of Dark Carnival [June 26-27] on sale at:
- Highways [152 Rideau St.]
- End Hits [407 Dalhousie St.]
- Vertigo [193 Rideau St.]
- Barrymore's [323 Bank St.]
- Zaphod's [27 York St.]
and through arrangement; leave a message here or email

-DJ leslie
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