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Greetings all,

I'm writing on behalf of DJ Leslie (this is her roommate, Suzanne) and she'd like to pass on some info for everyone...

Leslie has been struggling with some pinched nerves and extreme muscle pain recently. Unfortunately, last week her back and neck pain progressed to the point where she was taken to hospital and underwent two surgeries. She's currently doing well and waiting for a bed to open up so she can move from ICU - but her recovery is going to be long term (months).

While this obviously means she won't be able to DJ at the club over the next few months - DON'T PANIC! Jairus, Phil and Devin will be stepping up to keep the night going. She would like to let everyone know that her entire music library will be available every week - so any requests you may have can still be played - and you can expect to hear new music and old favourites alike.

Please continue to come out and enjoy the night, support your DJs and hear lots of great music!

If you'd like to send a message for Leslie, please leave one here and I'll print them up to take to her. If you'd like to visit once she's out of ICU and in a room, please contact me at zannerat at gmail dot com for details.

Thanks everyone - hopefully Leslie will be up and spinning as soon as possible, but for now she would really love to see Jairus, Phil and Devin supported in all they're doing to keep the night going until she can get back.

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