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late start tonight, show in 2 weeks!

* * *TONIGHT [June 10th] the bar is having one of their house bands play, so our INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH TUESDAY will start later than usual as the bands will be offstage by 10:45-11pm.* * *

...and then, in 2 weeks we will be hosting the next night of Industrial Strength bands in our summer showcase of live performances:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 : Coldwave mayhem for the whole family!
16Volt (Featuring KMFDM guitarist Steve White)
Founded in 1991 with the mission to merge the energy of guitar-driven acts like Ministry, KMFDM or Revco with the heavy beats and energy of industrial dance music, coldwave legends 16volt took the industrial and alternative music scenes by storm, including a coup where they captured the coveted #1 and #2 positions on Rolling Stone’s alternative charts. Their first tour since their 2002 tour with KMFDM, the current line-up of includes members of PIG, KMFDM, Chemlab, Daniel Ash Band, and SMP; promoting their current release on Metropolis Records, "FullBlackHabit". 16 Volt is one of those bands that gained popularity during the birth of coldwave; guitar driven Industrial that really hit the clubs in the early 90s. They were, and continue to be, one of the best known and most loved acts of this genre, and we are lucky to finally get a chance to host them here in Ottawa as they tour in support of their new album!

Melding elements of classic Wax Trax!, coldwave, drum 'n' bass, rhythmic noise, IDM and heavy metal to create a unique sonic assault, Cyanotic quickly became our most requested act to book live after their performances at the last Dark Carnival. Hot off the success of Transhuman 2.0 and a touring with Chemlab and DJ? Acucrack, Cyanotic is back to tear shit up. For those who missed them when they played for our Dark Carnival, this is your chance to catch one of the most talked about acts to come out of the rebirth of coldwave.

Bella Morte
A rare live performance; goths of all kinds rejoice! Since 1996, Bella Morte have been infusing gothic rock with their love of other genres: Darkwave, 80s punk, deathrock, and various dark electronics. Their most recent release on Metropolis Records -- Bleed The Grey Sky Black -- is heavier than anything Bella Morte has released before, reaching number one on the Metropolis Records preorder sales list.

Special Guest: DJ Hip-Hop! (Warning: Contains no actual Hip-Hop.)

Don't let this rare opportunity pass you by; This show is NOT to be missed!

ADVANCE TICKETS will be available at Zaphod's for this show, as well as our next, as of later this evening, so get 'em while you can.

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