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Left Spine Down

Featuring Jeremy Inkel and Jared Slingerland of Front Line Assembly and and Denyss McKnight of Vancouver Punk legends The Black Halos, this band has no shortage of guitars, drums, or firepower for their high-energy live performances. Hailing from Vancouver, LSD fuses the sounds of Industrial, Metal, Punk and Drum & Bass. They've recently shared the stage with The Birthday Massacre, Combichrist, DOA, Genitorturers, SNFU, and Chemlab, in support of their upcoming full-length debut, produced by Chris Peterson (FLA, Noise Unit, Will, Decree, etc...), and mastered by Shaun Thingvold (Skinny Puppy, Strapping Young Lad). Check them out, live (and lo-fi):

Left Spine Down - Live in Vancouver

While happy to be labeled as "Industrial", "Synthpop", "Electro-Goth", or whatever sub-sub-sub-genre is marketable that week, the sound of Encephalon crosses many genres. With epic choirs, thundering basslines and infectious vocal, rhythm, and synth hooks, Encephalon live is an intense, high energy-electro-punk-tweak-fest that you don't want to miss.

Combining symphonic melodies, dark ambient overtones, abrasive drums, and raw samples, H-427 bring electro-industrial mayhem to the stage!

Bands are on early, with doors at 8PM. $14, 19+, with Special Guest: DJ Gir!

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