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dual CD release TONIGHT @ Zaphod's!!!

TONIGHT @ Zaphod's DJ leslie's INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH Tuesdays will be hosting a dual CD release party, showcasing new albums by both NIN and Stendeck. Doors open early [8pm] for the listening party, as it's your chance to hear large, uninterrupted sets from each album. This is a unique opportunity to hear both one of electronic musics' most anticipated albums of this year, and indulge yourself in one of electronic musics' newest hidden jems. For the curious i've posted ~30 second samples from each one of Stendeck's new tracks, and more of his music is available via his myspace profile.

Many of you will remember Stendeck's debut performance here @ Zaphod's, almost a year ago to the day; a lush, moving initiation to one of Switzerland's best kept secrets. I felt both artists' styles, while different, are quite complimentary, as i feel anyone who is a fan of NIN's incredibly rich release The Fragile will find a similar, warmly distorted, melancholic thread throughout Stendeck's work as well.

So COME EARLY, don't miss your chance to come lose yourself in both albums, win some great prizes and pick up some fantastic new music!

NO cover!

-including CDs, DVDs, stickers, posters, as well as Stendeck CDs for sale thanks to Geska Records!!!

North America's longest running Industrial & Underground Electronic clubnight
@ Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York St., Ottawa
never any cover unless there are bands...


Stendeck Faces

1. the day i saw you cry for the first time
2. beneath wonderlands' decay
3. like falling crystals
4. anywhere out of this world
5. a perfect place to say good-bye
6. acting like you are not bleeding
7. behind waterfalls
8. the woman who burnt on her bed
9. she watched the corners of her roof and then she left
10. steal flowers to make drugs
11. nocturnal manoeuvres before dawn
12. the massacre of the black flying horses
13. the porcelain and the girl i dreamt about
14. aura borealis the extraordinary adventure of a boy against the infinite darkness
15. all the things i wanted to tell you but i didn't
16. frames and teardrops
17. faces (where are you now)


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