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Industrial Strength July 29th Playlist Zaphod's Ottawa

we ran a bit late with our potluck & movie earlier in the evening, so i didn't start the music until around 9:30pm or so...a few less tracks than usual...and i found it to be a terribly stressful evening in the end, so i'm not as pleased with the mix as i might have been, although the first chunk of the night flowed excellently, at least in my opinion, then i got too busy to enjoy it as much...and i know i played Tarmvred's 'Destroy All Humans' off the Zombie Commandos comp., but i didn't jot it down so i have no clue where it fits...

-DJ leslie

ARTIST - track - Album
* = request

NEUTRAL - desire of - Motion Of
MATKA - hidden xacra - Belio CD War (comp)
DETRITUS - detritus - Dissonant Structures (comp)
*HIV+ - en dessous - Censored Frequencies
LAMENT CONFIGURATION - aydnoybon (smooth feelin mix) - Urinaglas
LIAR'S ROSEBUSH - tunnel - None Higher
PIN - sancte dei (doomsday asteroid rmx) - Unreleased
*XORCIST - slider - Nomad
ASPHALT - dark dreams - Belio CD War (comp)
VELVET ACID CHRIST - angles in bondage (b-side) - Pretty Toy (single)
DJ SHADOW - giving up the ghost - The Private Press
GRIDLOCK - estrella (funkarma) - Engram 10"
IMPLANT - zombie - Zombie Commandos From Hell! (comp)
THIS MORN' OMINA - suneater - Le Serpent Blanc Le Serpent Rouge
*DARK SOHO - depth of emotion - Sunspot
HELLFISH & PRODUCER - witch hunt - Bastard Sonz of Rave
*SKINNY PUPPY - rodent (rmx) - Remix Dystemper (comp)
*PSYCHOPOMPS - scared eyes open wide - Six Six Six Nights In Hell
RE_AGENT - brain death - De-Molish V_1.0
*:WUMPSCUT: - wreath of barbs - Wreath of Barbs
*MEG LEE CHIN - swallowing you - Piece and Love
DJ SHADOW - stem long stem - Entroducing
*SPEEDY J - actor nine - A Shockig Hobby
AMON TOBIN - four ton mantis - Supermodified
*THIS MORN' OMINA - the burning hand - 7 Years of Famine
MANIBUS - virus - Escape
*DARK SOHO - combustion - Combustion
*TIM SCHULDT - secrets - Secrets (12")
*VELVET ACID CHRIST - malfunction - Calling ov the Dead
*OHGR - pore - Welt
MINISTRY - land of rape & honey - Land of Rape & Honey
*PAL - gelobnis - Signum
*FUNKER VOGT - civil war (vac rmx) - Vs. Velvet Acid Christ
RE_AGENT - die alone - Sub.Session (comp)
SYNAPSCAPE - bigger space - Hands on Centrozoon (ep)
*S.I.N.A. - go home - Back in Stereo
ASCHE - distorted dj part 2 - Distorted DJ
*SOMATIC RESPONSES - volmatta - Dying Language
TARMVRED - kanyl - Panacea Shares Needles w/Tarmvred
*OHGR - minus - Welt
*:WUMPSCUT: - funeral diner - Dried Blood
*SKINNY PUPPY - Too Dark Park
*INDIVIDUAL TOTEM - flow (fortress a mix) - Quadrophobia (comp)
*VAC - eva - Hex_Angel
SNOG - 3rd mall from the sun - 3rd Mall From the Sun
AMON TOBIN - rhino jockey - Supermodified
DISMANTLED - purify (vocal edit) - Dismantled
MANIBUS - signal to noise - Escape
*THIS MORN' OMINA - one eyed man - Ant Colony (comp)
ROGER ROTOR - drown delay - Daruma (comp)
PETE SHELLEY - designer lamps - 12"
*CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - method of disappearance - The Cause of the Flow
*GOBLIN - suspiria - Suspiria Soundtrack

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