April 29th, 2007

Early Show Tomorrow! (Where Early == Awesome)

DJ? Acucrack Acumen Nation Liar's Rosebush Ad-ver-sary - 4 bands playing LIVE plus 3 DJs plus 3 local Artists = ALL playing TOMORROW, Sunday April 29th @ Mavericks [221 Rideau St.]!

only $12 at the doors, we're opening at 6pm and the event goes until 3am so it's a FULL DAY of LIVE music featuring a variety of styles, from tribal and mash-up breaks to guitar-driven industrial and hard-hitting d'n'b, from dark electro to industrialized techno and everything else in between!

4 LIVE BANDS:Collapse )

3 DJs:Collapse )

The event will ALSO feature displays of works from local underground artists so come out, this is something NOT to be missed!!

3 LOCAL ARTISTS:Collapse )

AND on top of all of this, we will have merch for sale from both the Chicago and local bands as well as courtesy of HARSH_REALITY_PRODUCTIONS...if you remember we announced we had just had released a new compilation on Glitchmode Recordings: "ohes noes!!!! it's teh h0rd3z ov thee el33t!", and we had had problems with shipping, border crossing etc...well, WAIT NO MORE, the the album you've been waiting for will also FINALLY be available for sale at this event for the first time in Canada!!!
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