April 20th, 2007

tipsy DJ

new Cyanotic remix up for download!

Finally, as promised, we've stopped our fine-tuning knob-twiddling nit-picking and are calling our INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH remix of Cyanotic's track Deface done! It will be released on the label GlitchMode Recordings which, in case you've missed it, is a great indie lable out of Chicago started by Sean from Cyanotic and now co-managed by us! And yes, we are STILL waiting on the CDs to get shipped over the border; i believe they were even returned to Chicago and had to be re-shipped, so we play the border crossing waiting game, again...it's been madness, but we have some fantastic compilations [and another i just have to finish a DJ mix of and it'll be released] and will have the 2CD Cyanotic 'Transhuman 2.0' shortly as well...for now though...

help yourself: Deface - INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH remix by Ad-ver-sary & dirtybunny

Sean from Cyanotic had wanted something a little 'clubbier' than the original, so that's what we were aiming for...and yes, i've begun to use dirtybunny for work that's beyond my DJing, which of course where i'll perpetually be DJ leslie...the price you pay for starting to DJ in 1988, before cool DJ names, is getting stuck with a name like leslie; YAR! not terribly INDUSTRIAL to say the least :)

i've done lots of work previously with bands on their tracks and albums; everything from general suggestions to in-depth studio production, but this is the first time i've had control over something i was working on from beginning to end, and wasn't aiming to bring someone else's vision out...in the past, the idea was to help bring the bands' sound out, to help them get the best out of their sound, their musical ideas, whereas this was much different...anyhow, it was good practice as, like i mentioned briefly before, i have decided to begin work on my own album, and yes it will be as dirtybunny for this and other remix/non-DJ work...hope you like the remix!

-DJ leslie
aka dirtybunny
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