October 23rd, 2006

Halloweenie Needs!

OK so we've had our first meeting with our initial Halloween crew [more are encouraged to join us...one of us! one of us!] and since we're lucky enough for Halloween to fall on our INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH Tuesday this year, the idea/theme is:

Halloween = Xmas for Freaks

we have enfertesherz working on our skeletal reindeer [we need to name them all though, in the spirit of the season] and innoxia working on garlands'o'intestines for the Halloween tree...however we still have a bunch of work to do to create the Halloween tree [trunk, branches], hanged man skeleton & noose, lots of paper mache [bats, skulls etc.] and of course we will need a good team of cobwebbers & tinsel hangers.

meeting at Zaphod's Tues. 24th from 8:30pm for deco crew for planning and anyone else who wants to help/drop off stuff

we have a list of what we need [which some people may be able to donate] and what we assume we'll most likely have to buy:

stuff we need/you may be able to donate?Collapse )

stuff we'll probably have to buyCollapse )

we'll be modifying the list as we go on, so check back here if you're working with us or if you have ideas for decorations, things to donate etc...keep in mind the club will pay for decorations they can use for their party which is on the weekend [we usually fall before the 31st so it's not usually a concern...] so it's before the Tuesday, which means we need to get a lot of this up for the weekend...the bar has bands in Thursday evening, so i'd like to start decorating all day Wednesday, as well as daytime Thursday...we can get in early if anyone wants to come decorate during the day Wednesday and Thursday with us, just please let us know so we can make arrangements! Thanks again to everyone helping out...without you guys our yearly Halloween parties would be non-events...

Aside from DJ leslie's usual treats of new, underground tracks, we're fortunate enough to have the live band ENCEPHALON gracing the stage that night!!! There will also be a Bad Goth Poetry Slam [we just need to confirm details with its loverly hostesses], candy handed out by Satan and Mrs. Claws [we need to confirm who our eville duo will be a.s.a.p.!], prizes for costumes and more!

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