August 29th, 2006

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Tonight at Zaphods, we'll be featuring tracks from Hordes of the Elite, a new compilation we're releasing via our partner record label, Glitch Mode. Copies should be available in town soon, and we'll be accepting PayPal orders within the week. This comp features new tracks from 16 Volt, Cyanotic, Carbon 12, and a number of lesser-known, extremely taltented acts; the producer of the recent Fear Factory albums has a track on this, as well Left Spine Down, who provide live guitars/drums for Front Line Assembly's live show (and is produced by Chris Peterson).

Five tracks in particular we are featuring this evening off of this album are:

Sindaddy vs Drukore - Panties (in a bunch mix)
Carbon 12 - Worthless
16 Volt vs Cyanotic - American Porn Song (glitch bitch mix v1.0)
Left Spine Down - Hang Up
Rabbit Junk - Industrial is Dead (demo)

As a sneak preview, we're including for download that last track. It's from Rabbit Junk, which is a new project from the artist behind The Shizit, an Atari Teenage Riot-esque act which opened for Alec Empire on tour. Rabbit Junk didn't get signed to DHR [Digital Hardcore Recordings] because they were 'too light', so we're putting them out...male and female vocals, a combination of industrial, coldwave, heavy distorted d'n'b plus some punk rawk flavour...seriously, how can you go wrong?

Rabbit Junk - Industrial is Dead (Demo)

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ReGen Magazine recently reviewed our compilation:

For all those people who feel that the true spirit of industrial music is dead and that there is no exploration or progress in the sound, Hordes of the Elite will prove them wrong, providing a virulent assortment of today's best and brightest. Beware of the Glitch Mode Squad, for as the intro track so accurately and shamelessly states, "This shit will fuck you up!"

We're also going to be featuring a number of tracks from Cracknation's new comp, Escape from Planet Earth, which we're bringing into town for sale soon:

Acumen Nation - Black Son Hole
16 Volt - And You Are All Alone Again
Ahnusse - Aut Haus
Chemlab - Black Light Angel

Finally, in addition to the tracks from these compilations, we have Push the Needle and Damage Done from Insekt's new album Teenmachine, and Smashed 2.0 from C/A/T's ATF, which we've been playing over the past few weeks. (It's the one with all the samples from Family Guy and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas about being drunk).

We hope you enjoy the tracks, and we hope to see you tonight!